Aquilus - Griseus
4.In Lands of Ashes
5.Latent Thistle
6.Arboreal Sleep
7.The Fawn
8.Night Bell
Length: 1:19:55
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93% 4.7 star rating
1 Review

Length: 1:19:55

  1. Nihil
  2. Loss
  3. Smokefall
  4. In Lands of Ashes
  5. Latent Thistle
  6. Arboreal Sleep
  7. The Fawn
  8. Night Bell
3 users have collected this album

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'Aquilus - Griseus'

4.7 star rating 93%

Grear Atmospheric black metal

One of the most beautiful albums I have ever heard. The music style reminds me of Opeth and Drudkh. Mixing two genres of extreme metal gave such an amazing result.
After each aggressive guitar part with powerful riffs, we will hear absolutely beautiful acoustic guitar parts. Sometimes there is a piano in these moments of silence. Unlike classical symphonic black metal, the piano in this album has some kind of mystical sound, but it doesn't feel excess. To my mind, there is only one minus in this album. In the longest songs "Nihil" and "Night bell" ambient parts are too long, and sound very similar.
Talking about the songs individually, each is in its place and develops the musical ideas of the previous one. Only one song knocks out of the general style "In the Lands of Ashes" there is no extreme vocal and powerful riffs but it makes this song so unique.
As for other, songs "Nihil" gives you a great experience until ninth minute, but after seventh minute long you get nothing and that's disappointing.
"Loss" is my favorite song in this album. Piano gives peaceful and sad mood to this composition. The song features both extreme and clean vocals. The riffs go great with the acoustic guitar. One of the best atmospheric black metal songs I've ever heard.
Only one song knocks out of the general style "In the Lands of Ashes" there is no extreme vocal and powerful riffs but it makes this song so unique.
"Smokefall" and "Aboreal sleep" have very similar stuff that sounds like the early Opeth albums, but have rougher vocals.
"Fawn" and 'Latent thistle" have very powerful riffs, they almost haven’t got acoustic and ambient parts. Both songs are not long and very easy to listen.
In my opinion, "Night bell" is the worst song on album, I'm not big fun of ambient, that's why I don't like stuff like that.
To sum up, I can recommend this album to every Atmospheric black metal fan, it's really incredibly good. I also think that this is one of the best albums for the beginners in black metal. Thanks for reading.

Review for 'Aquilus - Griseus' by svidetelgavnidi
by Michelangelo svidetelgavnidi on 4th November, 2022
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one of the best bands of all time \m/

Hail to atmospheric/classical music. Griseus is hidden gem.. Masterpiece!!

One of the best atmospheric black metal albums of 2011! This needs to be given an official rating.

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