Damnation Lust - Black Book of Necromancer
1.Sathanas Decree
3.Malefic Bliss
4.Black Book of Necromancer
Length: 12:22

Black Book of Necromancer

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87% 4.4 star rating
1 Review

Length: 12:22

  1. Sathanas Decree
  2. Devastator
  3. Malefic Bliss
  4. Black Book of Necromancer

1 Review for
'Damnation Lust - Black Book of Necromancer'
'Black Book of Necromancer'

4.4 star rating 87%

Old School DIY Solutions from NJ

Nihil Verum Nisi Mors productions (A.K.A NVNM) is just 4-5 years old right now, but in this short period of time they have released tons of great old school material without any weak moments! Releases from bands such as United States The Gauntlet or United States DSS are just a few to namedrop. United States Damnation Lust is another consistent name to hail from that old school NJ scene.

Their sound can be best described as old school Primitive / Lo-Fi Blackened Death Metal, although, I might as well throw a little punk in that description as well since the songs are short catchy and full of the punk attitude that is common on Japanese Black/Thrash or Black/Death stuff like early Japan Abigail.

The production is authentic of the NJ sound (4-track cassette recorder with loosely tuned guitars!). Might I add, GREAT BASS lines?

In short, the tuning of the guitars and the heavy bass lines coupled with some spooky occasional keyboard layers, makes a haunting soundscape which reminds me of Japan Sigh's "Requiem for Fools" Mini CD.

The album only has 3 very short songs (the first track is just a spooky intro piece from the depth of hell!) and the songs are sync'd together so well that you don't feel the passage of time (OK! a very short amount of time). The album rises and falls in speed multiple times, and the best example of this transition is the first proper track, "Devastator", which starts in a very doomy and slow pace and then goes into full on Germany Sodom "In The Sign of Evil" mode, and goes back to a mid-paced Death Metal mode!

The vocals are one of the highlights of the album. Extremely obscure and sometimes down right scary!

"Malefic Bliss" is probably the most BLACK Metal aspect of this little demo (and my personal favourite). Blast beats, laughing beasts and scorching riffs! Actually this line does apply to the whole demo! yeah absolutely. That's my conclusion: Blast beats, laughing Bbasts and scorching riffs!

Review for 'Damnation Lust - Black Book of Necromancer' by PeaceThroughAnarchy
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Bang That Head That Doesn't Bang to Sarcofago.

'Damnation Lust - Black Book of Necromancer'
'Black Book of Necromancer'

for 'Damnation Lust - Black Book of Necromancer'

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