Posted by Blood Moon Studio on 16th May, 2022 @ 00:30 UTCBy Blood Moon Studio on 16-05-2022 @ 00:30 UTC

Hey guys!

Check this out! The full new Morphesia album ' O C E A N I C ' is out now! I have mixed & mastered the whole album in my studio and it came out fantastic.

The first song is 'straight-in-your-face' with a very powerful drum performance & fantastic double-bass-parts.

The second one is one of my personal favorites on the album! The Pyramid - has a very special and unique atmosphere.

If you like the sound and want to get your own music to sound just as awesome →→ make sure to contact me and visit my ... [»]


Random songs #4

Posted by Imperator on 5th May, 2022 @ 18:58 UTCBy Imperator on 05-05-2022 @ 18:58 UTC

Previous threads:

Posted by Imperator on 26th April, 2022 @ 18:07 UTCBy Imperator on 26-04-2022 @ 18:07 UTC

"Ten Years of Mayhem" is, according to the video description, a closer look on the lives of the youths in the early Norwegian Black Metal scene, highlighting their struggles and attempting to provide context to the controversial situations and events that surrounded them, as well as the importance and lasting impact of Black Metal pioneers Mayhem.

Created a new "Documentary" forum subcategory to group all the documentaries and interviews together.

Posted by Imperator on 20th April, 2022 @ 14:29 UTCBy Imperator on 20-04-2022 @ 14:29 UTC

It has come to my attention that certain bands have been slacking as of late, and are not putting out new albums as agreed upon. Such insolence and procrastination will not be tolerated.

I jest. Here are 14 bands that, due to one reason or another, haven't released a new album in some time, and I would quite like to see them release one in the near future. In no particular order:

Caladan Brood

Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal from Utah, USA - Caladan Brood released their debut full-length, titled "Echoes of Battle", in 2013 to widespread acclaim, but sadly to date they are yet to ... [»]

Posted by Deleted User on 16th April, 2022 @ 15:20 UTCBy Deleted User on 16-04-2022 @ 15:20 UTC

Swiss Black Metal with pristine production: Eidkameraden - Lycanthropic Terror

I recently discovered this band by Rautas review and was absolutely amazed by it, thought i should share it further (And especially on Really surprising how a new band has such production quality, maybe their Metallum is wrong on the "No Label" thing.

Couldn't find the rest of the album online either, but i am going to buy it soon, in the meantime, does anybody have a clue where i could find the full Album online?

Posted by Beerbeam on 12th March, 2022 @ 03:16 UTCBy Beerbeam on 12-03-2022 @ 03:16 UTC

Ruine - Québécois Black Metal/Post punk



This album is about modern life going backward, a certain minority in power that engage nation in brotherly war for their globalist agenda. Because he who hold power is the one who sought it. This is an album about collapsing and rebuilding. Because lets face it, we are about due for a deep scrub of our nation carpet. All that with a glimpse of hope for what we are, who we are, and what we aim for.

Bon débarras! RUINE

Posted by haiduk on 5th March, 2022 @ 00:26 UTCBy haiduk on 05-03-2022 @ 00:26 UTC

The new album by HAIDUK

Diabolica [2021]

"Rips your skull for 31 minutes" 4.5/5 -metal-rules

"An endless supply of evil, face-ripping riffs" -metal crypt

"Fast and unrelenting from start to end" 8/10 -metalbite

"Haiduk's most aggressive work" -the killchain

"A lot of eye-popping technical skill, intricate plotting, and brilliantly multifarious and mutated tonalities on display" -no clean singing

Posted by Imperator on 20th February, 2022 @ 08:24 UTCBy Imperator on 20-02-2022 @ 08:24 UTC

As the years go by, I'm thinking the Classic Black Metal Albums section is probably now missing a few albums worthy of the title.

They don't necessarily have to be albums from the 80s and 90s, as enough time has passed and enough evolution has happened for releases from around 2000-2010 (or perhaps even stretching to around 2015) to be considered classics also. Albums that have not simply come and gone, but have withstood the test of time and become perennial favourites across the Black Metal community as a whole.

Primordial's "To The Nameless Dead"? Caladan Brood's "Echoes of Battle"? ... [»]

Posted by najkks on 11th February, 2022 @ 23:05 UTCBy najkks on 11-02-2022 @ 23:05 UTC

So ive updated my list of Black-Metal vinyl!

Everything is going on sale right now!

The condition is almost MINT on everyone, bought new and stored in good environment, complete with additional posters, badges, booklets and everything that came with the record new

I think some still even are unplayed!

Most of them are limited edition, numbered or coloured vinyl

Its about 100 of them (mostly LP but also some singles and EP)

I can arrange local pickup in Sweden - or shipping worldwide (trackable) and secure payment to bank or thru my paypal-account

If you have any questions, ... [»]

Posted by Devourer on 7th February, 2022 @ 14:46 UTCBy Devourer on 07-02-2022 @ 14:46 UTC

Our new album is available on YouTube at It's our fourth album and it's the best one yet. More variation, furious blast beats, black metal epics and atmospheric parts blended in a way that will keep your attention throughout the whole album. Enjoy!

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