cat anemia

Posted by Imperator on 17th June, 2021 @ 13:07 UTCBy Imperator on 17-06-2021 @ 13:07 UTC

Over the years I noticed some weird searches on the site, thanks to people's mobile phone autocorrect not being versed in the dark arts of kvltness.

I found it pretty funny, so I began to make a list at some point (don't ask me why exactly). I may as well share it now, see if you can guess what they were searching for, some are more obvious than others:

a bigot
analysts nathan
bagel far
black metal israel krieg
blunt aus nord
bout sushi nord
cassidy luciferi
cat anemia
crown of asterisk
dimmi virgin
dummy borger
funny roll
grand belgians key
minas mongrel
nuns laughter
windy and
winter fillets

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for 'cat anemia'

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dummy borgir haha! that name fits the 2000s era of the band like a glove! (there is no such thing as an accident, if you know what i mean)
i expected to find some irrelevant stuff like "Kiss" on this list. some beginners may consider them "TRVE CVLT" or something haha.

man, trust me there's been all sorts searched, stuff that makes KISS look like church burners, but I only kept a record of the autocorrect stuff unfortunately

LOL :))
shame, i would pay top dollar to see those stuff.

someone just searched for U2

[Black Metal Isn'tt Krieg moment]

though i can see why some can be confused. most U2 riffs are that semi-tremolo post-punk thing and for modern Post-Black Metal and Hipster Black metal heads, Black Metal is all about hyperthermia induced Tremolo picking and Death Metal is all BrBrBr-0-0-0-BrBrBr!

plus U2 is actually a good mainstream band. i fuckin love em man haha! i'm really worried that by this rate new gen z or gen z+ or whatever that's coming in the coming years, are going to put mumble rappers here! ("ermahgerd! he is so BLACK and he uses an electric guitar. He's a the best Black Metal ever)

I never really got into U2 much, can you recommend any good songs from their kvltest epoch. you can drop a few in the song sharing thread when you have a sec cheers

for sure man. most of their early stuff are really good but they have a song in the 2nd album which is really spine-tingling. it also has a really cool story behind it. its called "tomorrow". ill put its vid on the Random songs thread RN!

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for 'cat anemia'

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for 'cat anemia'

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