Random songs #1

Posted by Imperator on 7th July, 2021 @ 09:40 UTCBy Imperator on 07-07-2021 @ 09:40 UTC

Just going to start a thread for people to start shitposting awesome songs they come across (any genre).


Thread continued here:

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for 'Random songs #1'




these old school DM compilations on YT kick ass

indeed! recently there has been some tasteful death metal fanatic MFs on youtube












Really digging Horna's latest


holy shit. that guitar sound is Mighty!

i haven't had the chance to listen to the whole album yet but Horna's been ridicilusly consistent since their 2005 album


One of my favourite Sodom tracks



Had this on repeat like 100 times at some point last winter. The long interlude in the middle makes it so re-listenable








This girl's voice is out of this world


An all around kick-ass song. I've always loved the straight-to-the-point title of this song/album.


OST from some new Doom clone



Sweet Speed Metal from chile


a very cool Bestial Black/Death from Bolivia

(p.s. im abusing this chance to put some stuff that are not accepted in this website like Splits and singles,... fucking sweet haha)

Classic Thrash from russia (with great Bass work!)


a huge fav of mine (with some exceptional lyrics)


Another underrated Split-only release. Both songs (especially the 2nd song by Nordreich) are pretty raw and epic af!


[P.s. also check out Bilskirnirs split album with Szálasi. it contains one of the sweetest keyboard parts ever. i coudn't find it on youtube)

Classic Finnish Death Metal. raw af. top 5 Death metal songs ever!


one of the most overlooked Sargeist song from their demo days. dirty, raw and BADASSS. headbanging guranteed


Sounds like Urgehal playing though a walkie talkie. love it.

That solo was unexpected

Hmm. interesting connection you made there!
its sound and guitar tone kinda reminds me of Live in Leipzig by Mayhem (especially Pure fuckin Armageddon)

and that motherfucking solo is pure fucking JUDAS PRIEST haha. its fucking sweet man!

yeah it was the vocals that immediately brought Urgehal to mind

A classic. one of the rawest albums in general, containing probably the rawest BM song ever!
check out "Forest of Misanthropy" which starts at 8:25'


Reminds me of this one by DSO production-wise. The riffs and momentum here are a total fucking trip to next dimension


One of the most famous splits (and rightly so!) one of the coldest shit ever!


one of the forgotten first wave classics


another oldie fav of mine. one of the most obscure and evil atmospheres with a sweet guitar tone


another HUGE fav of mine. not an extreme metal song though (so elitist should probably avoid it lol)
classic Hard Rock/Metal From France (instrumental, with an absolute awful production (Yummy!))


insanely EPIC epic doom from Russia. (did i mention how epic this is?) (and oh yeah, another thing; it's EPIC AF)



Turkish Thrash (Crossover)





this is so good


I would have bet my left bollock that this was Johan Hegg on vocals



One of my favourite riffs in recent years


Holy Shit!

i was goddamn sure it was a finnish band but i checked it and it turned out to be a USBM band.
it has such a finnish quality in it's riff

holy fuck this guitar tone





why does Mexican Death Metal sound so good? i've never encountered a bad Mexican Death metal album. they should have had a famous scene like Florida or gothenburg scene because these stuff are far more superior! (and they should have called it Mariachi Death Metal scene or something else)


another Mexican Gem


and another one


catchy death/doom from Japan


This one just popped up on the compilation I was listening to 30 mins ago, good shit

Recognize the album cover? ;)
it seems that another guy had the same idea about using this artwork.


a couple of underappreciated russian Death MEtal



A cheezy but extremely cool latvian music video. the music reminds me of Nordland 1 by bathory (even though it predates it by 3 years haha!)

hugeeeee fav


haha, not bad tbh, I've seen a lot cheesier. It sounds a lot dirtier and straightforward than I was expecting, the folk instruments only make an appearance in the last part of the song. So many bands drown the whole thing with flutes.

drowned in fluetes lol

the music on the first two skyforger albums are not one bit cheezy actually. there are some iffy songs here and there but overall they knew their shit! [Proud Quorthon noises]

A lot more musical and sophisticated than the name would suggest


holy turd! that is a banger tune right there.
(Also, i agree. that's a terrible way to name a badass band actually haha)

My favourite W.A.S.P. tune, one of the most criminally underrated bands of the 80s for me.


Blackie Rulesss \m/ \m/

agreed! WASP is the defintive 80s band. consistent af. never made a bad album. they also had some exceptional live shows in the 80s (which i can't stop watching!)(especially the one where blackie wears a pant without anything to cover his mighty ass!)
it's a little disappointing that people only know one song by this band!


check this shit out


that's what i call a luscious riff!


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