Random songs #2

Posted by Imperator on 12th July, 2021 @ 13:03 UTCBy Imperator on 12-07-2021 @ 13:03 UTC

Due to how awfully resource-intensive YouTube embeds are, we will need to split these song-sharing threads every ~100 videos.

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for 'Random songs #2'

I've made it so the youtube video data only gets requested when someone clicks on the play button. It sucks to not be able to see the video title, but it's the only way to stop web browsers from shitting their pants when there are more than five videos on the same page, especially on mobile.

I'll do some more testing anyway.

OK fixed, it now gets video titles via YouTube's own API in the background after the page has finished loading and doesn't shit it's pants at all. How YouTube's default embeds are so bloated and clunky in 2021 is beyond me.

The Bolzer demo has such a ferocious guitar tone



really solid album, and I just realized it's a one-man band, that's crazy

Reminds my on Bathory's Quorton ;-)
But he's not alloane. Such as the Guy behind "Gallowbraid" or Ben Sharp from Cloudkicker.
In the Ages we live, we don't net any musicans to record an Album.

Yeah totally. It's just I usually associate one-man acts with the more ambient/atmospheric themes, stuff that revolves around a singular thread of creativity with ample breathing room (like the Lustre track above as a perfect example), but in the last couple of years I'm noticing more and more one-man bands which are brimming with so much energy and grit, thrashy stuff like Kommodus or Kvaen for example, and now Kanonenfieber which I always assumed was a full band. Really solid and often elaborate songwriting which I'd always think was the product of several guys jamming together in their rehearsal space instead of just one guy. I always find that very impressive.

I think its easyer to make your own Job, realize your own Idees without complains from everyting... :-D... I playd 10 Jears in a Trash-Metal Band ( Drums ) when i was young. Sometimes someone doesent understand the Ideas of the other members... I CXan't Play Guitar but sometimes i have great Ideas in my mind...

Do you know Anup Sastry ? He create also own Albums which was amazing.

Yeah and Kanonenfieber are so very fresh and appeals also No-Black-Metal-Fans !
Maybe its the start of a new Genre-Generation who gives us many many Masterpieces !
I hope it !

One Man Shows:
- The Algorithm ( Covers Daft Punk - Bigger faster stronger is where well )
- David Maxim Micic ( Greath atmospheric Djent/Progressive, try Bilo 3.0 )
- Frank Zappa ( but at his time he need musicans )
- Gautier Serre ( from Igorrr, listen to Himalaya massive Ritual )
- Chuck Schuldiner i think so.... but im not sure

Look at this... That was me ( im the short-haired because my plate begins in this time continuously to grow *loool* )


Really nice. By the way to embed you just need to use the part between the "v=" and the next "&", so in this case:

[ youtube = d8G4JnfeCu0 ]

without spaces ofc

and this should also work:

[ youtube = ]

I'm to dumb for it.... doesen't work *Grmpf"

No problem, I edited that 1914 comment for you, click Edit on it now to see how it's done.

The thing is, when you're watching a standalone youtube video, the URL is pretty straightforward, but when it's part of a playlist or something it starts to fill up with other stuff and it can get confusing.





Now i catch it ! Thx for Help !

almost man, just remove the spaces around the =, so that it's youtube=http... instead of youtube = http...


Nice. One of my favs, still holds up surprisingly well for guitar music


One of the most underrated Death-Metal-Bands of the 90's...


love this band. JUST FUCKIN LOVE IT

some hardcore vibes going on here


golden "oldie"


i fuckin love this album arghhh
the sense of russian epicness and proudness drowned in eastern melancholy.
also great lyrics on this and the next song on the album!

also, this video really does work with the sound

one of my fav Thrash Metal Anthems ever. the arabesque influence on the riff fuckin rules!


One of the best old school riffs i've ever heard


sorry! wrong song uploaded there. kinda fuck youtube haha


a heavy prog band that i've been obsessed with lately





I've been meaning to check out Buckethead for some years now but I'm always put off by not knowing where to begin, what with his several billion albums.

Haha i know what you mean man!
i broke down my scroll wheel on my PC mouse thanks to the extensive amount of releases on his MetalArchives page. i still wonder how did this motherfucker made so many albums back in 2015. did he even take a dump or slept an hour per day? fuckin legend!

This band surprised me in a pleasent way with almost all of their albums


love these Colombian MFs






Probably my favourite Manilla Road song. I think they are quite an underrated band, but ultimately let down by some weak vocals on most of their releases.


interesting choice!
my fav is still the legendary "Necropolis" from their 1983 classic.
btw i agree this is the defintion of underrated!

A real heavy af journey


darkthrone 2.0




this whole EP is really solid



on these two first Incubus albums, Francis' vocals actually sounds like Chuck Schuldiner (a very high praise if you ask me!)



Arrived at this from the Enslaved cover:


Mid-era Enthroned best Enthroned, this vintage guitar tone and razor sharp vocals


Closing track on Incantation's latest


Ketzer is evolving gracefully, good album with hot cover art


That artwork is truly insane!!!
though i have to say, musically i still kind prefer "Endzeit Metropolis" album.

Indeed, I'm a "satan's boundaries unchained" kinda person and I would have preferred if they didn't really depart that style to be honest, but as far as band evolutions go, I think they aren't doing too bad.

that was a really badass album as well!
i agree bands rarely evolve in a positive sense these days! german Black/Thrash stuff like these people are still going strong though.


One of my absolute fav albums from recent memory and by far the best album of 2021! (with a really cool middle eastern flavor all over it!)



i'm starting to fall in love with the old school attitude of these japanese bad bois!



Perfect use of female vocals


Lovely way to close an album




The best Darkestrah song, imo


it's an incredible song and an incredible album!

this is clearly their best but weirdly i am fixated on a song from their 2005 album which was called "Akyr Zaman". it starts with a violin sound that automatically takes my my mind to Game of Thrones (haha) and then turns int the most eastern riff and then all hell breaks loose!


I put this album while I got some work done but just couldn't fucking concentrate from how good it is. Like Nile + Bolt Thrower:


Boy oh boy i do fuckin' worship bands like this which incorporate middle-eastern soundscapes in extreme metal!
badass song btw!

good old 80s shredding!
(i still don't get people who hate 80s Glam Metal haha!)


this vid wasn't working for me, found another in case anyone else was having the problem


insane playing

youtube and it's fucked up policies!

and yeah. truly mesmerizing playing. everyone knows Malmsteen and such but no one remembers these bad bois (actually, come to think of it i don't know the name of the guitarist as well haha)




good old venom Worship!



really digging the latest Sigh album


love these japanese motherfuckers as well (all of their weird 17 albums!)



One of the best Cover songs i've ever encountered


A forgotten Gem in the Horna Catalogue.


I fuckin' hate it when bands put their best songs in the bonus Cd or the B-sides or whatever. this is clearly the best Horna Song (or at least my fav!) but it was dumped into a bonus disc of their 2005 Classic. it's the same story with Rotting Christ with the song "Visions of a dead lover"


yet another overlooked Horna Gem (albeit with one of the worst productions)
Once again, Hail Bathory!


"....said, a Black Metal lover" haha

i fuckin love it too man. it has the same kinda sound and vibe of the Sargeist demo that i worship! i couldn't imagine it with clear production.
sometimes awful, raw means cool i guess lol

Speaking of fucked up productions; here is Tetragrammacide from India with love.
at some points you do ask from yourself "did they put the mic in front of an MG42 or a .50 cal?"
Just check out 1:05 onward)


this reminds me of one time when I turned on 13 guitar pedals at once.

Have a nice trip


vintage tones


Thrash mode engaged



extremely underrated Vintage thrash!


not bad, actually got some Bon Jovi vibes who I also like some songs from

thats another mistreated band as well. their first 3 albums were fantastic. though, i founds the rest of their albums pretty annoying TBH! anything after the third album are the best examples of manufactured fake music!

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