Posted by winne007 on 13th July, 2021 @ 17:49 UTCBy winne007 on 13-07-2021 @ 17:49 UTC

Why i doesent find Albums from In Flames, At the gates, Amorphis, Cathedral, Anathema, Asphyx, Paradise Lost, Death, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Grave and all the Pioneers of a new way to Play Music... The Godfathers of early Extreme-Metal. Also i missed Iron Maiden, Helloween, Tool, Accept, Lacrimosa, Dio, Danzig, Running Wild, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Annihilator, Overkill, Ozzy, Led Zeppelin etc... )

Or i do misunderstand something ? This Side is only for Black-Metal in this Age ?
Or maybe im blind and dont find this Albums ? Please illuminate me...

Thanks for help !

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for 'Cant find some early Masterpieces ?'

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By HordalandImperator on
13th Jul, 2021 @ 19:16 UTC



Yep, the site is pretty much centered around, and dedicated to, Black Metal. In fact, for the last 10 years it was called, and only just switched the name to two weeks ago.

When I first conceived the site, I was really really into Black Metal, and decided there were already too many all-purpose generic metal websites out there to compete with, so I wanted to make something a bit more niche and specific, something that would serve to bring to light many of the great underground Black Metal acts that otherwise might be drowned out in a more all-purpose website.

I also thought (and still do) that getting into Black Metal and discovering what it has to offer can often be quite a journey in itself, and wanted to create something that would help people get started in that regard. This is ultimately the primary reason behind the site's structure, layout and existence.

So yeah, a lot of bands will be missing from this website, but that said, I try to be as inclusive as possible. If anything is even remotely or tangentially connected in any way to Black Metal I will include it, that's why you can find the likes of Slayer, Tankard, Wardruna, Sepultura, etc... as well as many Funeral Doom and Folk/Pagan Metal bands.

I have sometimes contemplated fully expanding into Death Metal too, but for now I remain undecided.

By Rote Augenwinne007 on
13th Jul, 2021 @ 19:50 UTC



Oh, i understand...
But this Side is great, yo make a good job !
Maybe a Column about the Roots of this great Genre. 10 most influental Albums/Bands and a little History how Black-Metal arise.

Black Metal is grown up and know meanwile many many Subgenres.
Now even it seems Death Metal are only a Sub of the Black-Metal-Family.
In the Past we called Black-Metal as Brutal-Metal, Satanic-Metal whatever.
Now Black-Metal is more melodical as Death Metal...

When i was 15-16 Jears old, no one knows Black-Metal. Yes it was still there, but we calld it Gothic or Doom. In this Age the Word "Black Metal" doesent exist.

First famous Black-Metal was in my Opinion Black Sabbath... Ozzy is a Genius and the "Krautrock"-Scene in good old Germany ;-)

By HordalandImperator on
13th Jul, 2021 @ 21:08 UTC


Cheers man glad you like it. Hopefully we'll get some more users and the site will grow with time.

And yeah, Black Metal has come a long way since then, some of it practically unrecognizable by comparison. When I was 15 the only "Black Metal" we knew of was the one that the big metal magazines told us about: Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth, that's it. The only time they mentioned Quorthon was when he died.

But then thanks to IRC and internet forums, people would share new stuff. I still remember the first Marduk and Immortal mp3s I managed to... ehem... borrow from the internet, blew my mind.

By Rote Augenwinne007 on
14th Jul, 2021 @ 16:00 UTC


Haha :-D When i was 15, there was no Internet. My first own Internet i has with round about 22. I'm so old, i buy Slayer on Vinyl, because no Releases in CD possible and i dont have in this age the money for a cd-player :-D At the beginning i was a great Death-Metal-Fan and was on a lot of Concerts and Festivals. Do you know Dynamo in NL ? I was there in four-times a Row (1995-1998). After this experiance i was coated nearly every Day in blue Dust :-DD Later i have my own bar and i hear things like tool, life of agony, korn and Nirvana. The Death-Metal-Scene was nearly dead in this Age. I hear about this other satanistic Metal-Bands (Black-Metal) but when you smoke Weed, you need calmer Songs ;-) and no Satan !!! Currently the Black-Metal-Sound is much more atmospheric like in the 1990's ( exept Bathory, but i don't knew it ) and i explore it for me new. I think in a few Jears i searching for new Impressions again. Only one Genre for the hole of my life is to boring for me. At the Moment i like atmospheric Black Metal and Djent.

By HordalandImperator on
14th Jul, 2021 @ 22:34 UTC



That's nice man do you still have your own bar?

By Rote Augenwinne007 on
14th Jul, 2021 @ 23:16 UTC


No, but its better so, because its hard to resist Alkohol... ;-)

By HordalandImperator on
14th Jul, 2021 @ 23:22 UTC



By Rote Augenwinne007 on
14th Jul, 2021 @ 23:33 UTC


I listen bevor some old Speed-Metal Albums.
Sodom, Helloween, Accept...
I forgot how fast they play !! O Mann, faster like thrash or death.
Early Helloween are very epic ( Walls of Jericho ), has backgroundsamples similar atmospheric-black-metal. Very progressive for this Age..., Accept (Restless and Wild) has Monsterriffs and Sodom (Agent Orange) are so much Powerfull as i remind me...

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