Posted by winne007 on 14th July, 2021 @ 16:34 UTCBy winne007 on 14-07-2021 @ 16:34 UTC

I was there...

Was on Woodstock of Metal ( Dynamo 1995 in Eindhoven )
Play Tablesoccer with Tiamat befor his Gig under Cannibal Corpse
Stand right next an Stage with Max Cavalera (Sepultura) when Stage Diving on his Arise-Tour
Played to Gigs with Wolfchant
Was Actor in A Splatter-Movie

Tell me your favorit memorys ;-) Im curios...

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By HordalandImperator on
14th Jul, 2021 @ 21:46 UTC



My fondest memory is probably at Electric Weekend in Madrid, 2008 I think. Climbed into VIP stands during Metallica and then after that went to see At The Gates close out the festival in a small tent, during their unexpected reunion tour. Everyone knew all the lyrics, was an amazing gig.

Primordial closing out Metal Days 2018 in Slovenia was also quite an experience for me.

By Rote Augenwinne007 on
15th Jul, 2021 @ 15:49 UTC


Crazy ! I find here a 2nd Band who i playd together in Walpurgis-Festival-Bavaria !
"Olemus" from our Alp-Neighbors Austria !!!

23rd Jul, 2021 @ 18:21 UTC



The best memory i have of a gig is the last Slayer gig in Canada. Even if it's not an old memory, it still a really good one. The gig was in 2019 at Heavy Montreal and the ambiance was indescribable. The best memory of this show is at the end when everyone were going at home, we take the subway and everyone was screaming Fucking Slayer and partying, it was just an awesome experience and a really good example of how much the metalhead community are close and how much legendary band like Slayer are gods for us.

Another good one is at a Déperir show, a really underground black metal band from my country. Me and one of my friend were looking at the line up of the "festival d'été de Québec'' to see if some metal band were coming and we see that a black metal band named Déperir was coming the same night at a bar near of were we where so we said why not discover a new band in gig? So we went to the show and they were having like 8 people in the bar who were here for the show and they were all some extremely weird guy and it was hilarous because the 8 other guy than me and my friend were doing a kind of mosh pit but, i mean, they were 8 so it was extremely cringe and some of the guys were just possessed, they were looking at the show with a really creepy look without blinking, it was just hilarous how much people were fuck top at this show.

By HordalandImperator on
23rd Jul, 2021 @ 22:14 UTC



Yeah man I know exactly what you mean, I saw Slayer's final Irish gig in Dublin, the speech by Tom Araya at the end and the standing ovation that followed, I'll never forget that.

By Rote Augenwinne007 on
24th Jul, 2021 @ 06:02 UTC


Yeah your both are really right !
I never seem Trouble on Dynamo-Festivals and there was more the 200.000 peoples in first time.
When go for party in a Club, then always was trouble. and there was only max 150 peoples
Metal is one great Community for the rest of our life.

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