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When i was a young teen, i was listening to thrash metal band like Slayer and all this stuff and one day, at a metal t-shirt shop, i saw a Cannibal Corpse shirt of the album ''Butchered at Birth'' and i was like what the f*ck is this, this is so cool, i need to listen to this band, and i discover death metal. Firstly, i hate it. But with time, i start liking it. And then i start to be interested in extreme metal and heard something about a certain black metal, so i start searching about it and found Darkthrone. I saw the logo and the album cover and i found it insane, so i give a try to the song ''Quintessence'' and i was stunned. Again, i was not sure if was liking it, but something was attracting me, so i try another band, Immortal and listen to "Withstand the Fall of Time''. This time, i like it but i was like it's completely different than what i just listen before.

So i came back on Darkthrone and was again stunned by the darkness and the brutality of the music, and the guy who was doing a kind of scream that i was founding extremely creepy. So i continue my my search about the genre and i found some picture of Gorgoroth. I found their style insane, with their spike and their bullet belt, and the corpse paint of course. And finally, i completely found in love with the darkness of the music, especially about Darkthrone. So i will say that the band who makes me listen to black metal is Darkthrone, but what makes me love black metal is also the style, the ideology, not just the music. Being a weird kid who was passionate at an other level about darkness and bad things in general help it too haha but the other big point of why i start listening to black metal is because it was helping to get out all the bad energy that i was having into me into music. After discovering black metal, everytime i was in a bad day i was listening to some band like Darkthrone and Mayhem. It was making me feeling more good.

So, what is the thing that makes you become a black metal fan?


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Damn, well it's been a long journey that's for sure. My musical tastes evolved quite drastically from when I was 15 until I was about 19, and even though at the time each period felt like it lasted forever, in retrospect it all happened quite in rapid succession, so much so, that some things I'm not even 100% certain what order they happened in exactly.

I guess the first form of "extreme" music I got into was Slipknot in my early teens. Not long after, I discovered the phenomenon of Swedish melodeath through an internet forum, the likes of Opeth, In Flames, Dark Tranquility, The Haunted, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, The Crown and especially At the Gates, all of which I would ask my mate to download through his blistering ISDN connection and burn on CDs for me (which I'd then transfer to cassette on my sister's Hi-Fi as I didn't have a CD player of my own). It was also around this time that I purchased my first album, "Master of Puppets". I will never forget just how huge and musical that album sounded when blasted through my sister's car stereo, especially the solos.

A bit later on I discovered by pure chance a couple of FM radio stations (or rather isolated radio programs) dedicated to hard rock and metal that would air on certain evenings around midnight, and this opened up a whole new world to me. At this time I also pretended to enjoy things like Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, just because they looked/sounded really evil despite the music itself not really doing much for me. That said, by this point I still had no idea what Black Metal was, or that it even existed, even the radio channels would only venture as far as Death Metal, very occasionally, and to be honest I was fairly clueless with genres anyway (I recall suggesting to a friend that Slipknot might be Death Metal...), but it was also apparent I was still subconsciously seeking something a bit more extreme-sounding, for lack of a better word.

It was only a bit later on, when someone on a forum introduced me to Cradle of Filth, that I took the first step in the direction of Black Metal. Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir totally dethroned the Swedish Death Metal scene for me and took up the majority of my listening time, and that lasted quite a long period.

I should mention that all this was happening in the early 00s, which was prime nü-metal era, and I have enjoyed my fair share of SOAD, Korn, Limp Bizkit, etc... in parallel to my "true" metal odyssey. If I hear nü-metal today, it is perfectly capable of transporting me right back in time to 20 years ago. Nostalgia is a fascinatingly time-travel-capable thing.

So, up until this point, everything I had listened to so far was extremely polished and well produced, and quite mainstream, relatively speaking. This is why the first time I listened to Darkthrone (specifically, the song "Too Old, Too Cold"), I totally fucking hated it. I was like... "What the fuck is this shit? Are they trying to sound like this on purpose?". The necro-production totally threw me off, overwhelming my delicate ears that were used to much more flowery, shiny, melodic clarity.

So, I neglected the likes of Darkthrone and carried on listening to mostly mainstream stuff, until one day I happened to stumble on something that was an eye-opening moment for me, a total revelation. This album, to be precise:


There was nothing particularly noteworthy about it, nothing catchy or memorable, I had it on in the background and it pretty much flowed from one song to the next without me really being able to distinguish between songs. But that was the whole point... At that moment something just clicked with me: I realized, finally, that not all music necessarily had to be a collection of immediately catchy, in your face and distinguishable songs that needed to be consciously consumed, but instead could perfectly take the form of a whole album and be a journey by itself.

It was quite magical. Suddenly I was now able to appreciate less-than-optimal production, thick atmospheres, obscure and nature-driven themes, repetitive elements... all the ingredients that make Black Metal unique.

So, from that point on, pretty much 90% of what I would listen to for the next 10 years was Black Metal. There was even a period during my early 20s where I was "trve kvlt" and totally resented anything that wasn't in some way connected to either Norway, church-burning, or ideally both. I remember stumbling into an ice-cream parlour with a mate totally drunk pointing at my Carpathian Forest shirt telling the terrified kids they didn't know what real music was.

These days I'll listen to pretty much anything, good music is good music, whatever shape it comes in. I even listened to an Ariana Grande song a few weeks ago lmao.

High five on the Master of Puppets thing. that was my first "Extreme' metal album as well.

also on your Ariana Grande comment (Haha) i was a huge The Weeknd fan in High School and still listen to some of his early albums today (for the nostalgia thing that you mentioned)
but thankfully i never really went into the abyss of commercial Melodeath or Nu metal! (though i enjoyed some SOAD)

yeah specifically the song was the Save Your Tears thing she did with the Weeknd

actually i haven't listened to any modern/mainstream pop since 2016-2017 but i will check that out! i really dig his early albums. (TRVE CVLT ALERT!)

I was the youngest child in our family. My Brother is 6 years older the me and he listen bands like ac/dc, accept, dio, metallica and helloween. I was round about ten years in this age and i like the sound of accept - princess of a dawn and also dio - Holy diver. The hardest Band who i know in this time was metallica. I liked to listen creeping death and blitzkrieg. But my brother doesent want a harder music and so i have to wait when i was round about 12 or 13 when i buy my first record. i hear som storys from a stanic-band who was very evil and all tolds me, its the harder band ever. I have to try it, so i buy Slayer - Hell Awaits when i was 12. O man i was scared of this albumcover. with demons and hell. in this moment i dont like the sound not really but i want to be a fan of the hardest band on earth :-D A few years later ( think i was 15 - 1990 ) i got a little motorbike and drive evry day to the other guys in my town. In one of the bars i joined a metallica-Fanclub and they show mit at first time metallica ...and justice for all. I was exited and i become a great metallica-fan. The other Members show me more ( Anthrax, Megadeth, Overkill, Kreator ) but i want more ! one one day ( hell awaits doesent care me ) i hear the Slayer - South of Heaven and this Album blows me mind away. In this Age beginns also the first Death-Metal Reviews, but we didnt know any about this Genre. I decide know to buy a death-metal album and my first was "morbid angel - altars of madness" and again my mind expand to a harder band like Slayer ! In this Time released Slayer Seasons in the Abyss and now i was maybe a greater slayer fan like metallica. But now it just beginns... now scool was over for me and i go to munic to learn a job. every day when jobs out, i drive with train to munic in World of Music ( WOM ). It was a Paradise for me. So i got piece by piece new death albums ( Unleashed, Entombed, Asphyx. Grave, Benediction... ) And then i buy 1991 Cannibal Corpse - Butchered at birth. In this thime the Cover was censored and i must have it ! Now my mind blows away again. But i lime it really. On NOvember 1991 then the next great impression. i was now 16 jears and it was allowd to visit my first metal-Konzert. It was Slayer in Munic ( Seasons in the Abyss - Tour ). I see there only Boys and Guys like me with long hairs and patches on his jeacket, and studded-belts and t-shirts from death-bands...
In this Age nobody from us know "Black-Metal" ? We all are here Death or Doom (Obituary, cathedral, morgoth ) there was just no needs for an other genre. Death, Doom was in this Age very very hard. We doesent know "Melodic-Death" It was very brutal like "Incubus" and progressive like "Pestilence or Death" So, and now released "Nirvana - Nevermind" and my mind was changing again. First i dont wana test Nirvana, because there are not brutal enough but in the clubs they play it again and again. I like it really really and i let me drift with the Grunge-Wave and Bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Soundgarden, Faith No More, Life of Agony. But i also heard Sepultura, Fear Factory and some Death Stuff also. I begann now to smoke weed and it doesent matter what is "Black metal" 1995 we drive to Dynamo. I see Atrocity and one song means about "Adolf Hitler" and "jesus Christgenres and szenes. Rave, tecno and breakbeat also like Classics of the 1970er.
In 1996 i startet with a friend of mine a bar together for 3 Years. In this Time i beginn with drumming and joind my band "soul sacrifice". At most we playd Trash-Metal and sometimes coversongs from metallica and slayer and some other classics. after this 3 jears i was a father and married. know i only play in my band and thats it. One time we played togehter with wolfchant. I think this was my first Pagan-Viking-Black Band i hear sometime. Then comes the time with SOAD and Korn... The first Black-Metal-Album who impress me was Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant but i hear it many years after releases". Maybe it was the first similar Blackmetal thing i heard. but in the next years i try many other e round about 2012. Bevore i know in flames but sense of porpuse was Melodic-Death in my opinion. for the next years i doasent find a album like this dimmu borgir and i try Post Rock, Progressive Metal and Djent in the next time ( periphery, monuments, the algorithm, micic... ) but i never forgott Dimmu Borgir and i desired to try other Black-Metal-Musik. The first Black-Metal Album after Dimmu Borgir was behemot - the satanist, then satyricon, God Dethroned, Burzum.... Now i really like it but i like Atmospheric-Black-Metal more then the old swedish bands. My Last two Albus i buy was 1914 and Kanonenfieber. Puhhh ! Finish !!!

well, weirdly my love affair with primitive black metal started with Prog Rock/Metal (!). i was (and still am) an avid prog listener and always tried to listen to different kinds of experimentation and avant-garde music other than the usual Jethro tull 15 minute long flute solos!

(it's nice to mention that i already entered some of the classic 80s and 90s Thrash and death metal stuff when i was around 14-15 but i was always afraid to venture into more obscure and occult stuff since i was forever told that they would make me go to HELL! also some of my early "top 10 Black metal bands" searches on google resulted on some goofy immortal corpse paint photos which was a massive turn off for me HAHA! a couple years later i tried to give a chance to Transilvanian Hunger but i didn't get the "NECRO" sound back then so i immediately checked if i downloaded the album in".ogg" format rather than the usual ".mp3" format!)

anyway, when i was in high school i came across an article which included the "top 10 Unconventional Prog Metal albums" (yeah, i used to be obsessed with all kinds of shitty top 10 lists back then!). i don't remember all of the albums and the website that i saw this on but i remember that there were some albums by Enslaved and Ihsahn and,... . but the labum that caught my eyes was Bathory's "Twilight of the Gods" album cover. i checked that album and immediately fell in love with it. (it is still my favorite album of all time!)

after that i listened to some of the earlier Bathory albums and started to understand this more primitive side of metal mainly thanks to "The return....." album.

fast forward a little bit i came across this famous documentary which was called "Until the light takes us" (after watching some Sam Dunn documentaries!). while i was watching that documentary, some of the stuff that Varg said about the ideology of the "necro" sound and some of the cool stories like the headset as a mic thing, i started to get the appeal of this terrible sound haha. moreover when i saw Varg wearing the T-shirt of "Twilight of the gods" on the trial scene of that doc i just said " fuck i gotta check this dude, he is wearing the t-shirt of my fav album!

i have to say, the first listens to the Burzum albums were quite challenging but i didn't give up until it grew on me! (i was obsessed with that T-shirt, man!).
countless listens to Burzum albums changed my mind about Music generally. then i started to check the other bands interviewed on that documentaries and other documentaries and MetalArchives blah blah,....

the rest is even less interesting than the story that i just told but i'll keep you out of my boring life haha!

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