RIP Joey Jordison

Posted by Imperator on 7th August, 2021 @ 13:03 UTCBy Imperator on 07-08-2021 @ 13:03 UTC

Nice little video put together by the band in remembrance of the great Joey Jordison who passed away on 26th July.


Slipknot were my #1 band at one point, my first introduction to really heavy music, and I think there's an element of truth in what Joey said regarding Iowa being the "heaviest album ever made". While there are of course things like Marduk's "World Funeral", any Teitanblood album, or a thousand other examples in Black/Death Metal, I think if you were growing up in the early 00s and listened to Iowa, there was really nothing else like it, and there probably still isn't anything that manages to be that heavy while also being so musical and mainstream.

Also, I think anyone could have been behind those masks and the band would have achieved the same level success (at least in terms of execution, no idea about songwriting), with two exceptions. Corey Taylor's vocals and Joey Jordison's drumming, they truly elevated Slipknot a tier above the rest of extreme nu-metal bands of the day. At the time I considered Joey a living god, and I know I wasn't the only one.

I've been disconnected from Slipknot for so long that it's still slightly surreal to think Joey passed away.


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