Random songs #3

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for 'Random songs #3'



i don't think there is any black metal appael on this one but the artwork is definetly Black fooking Metal!


Not usually a fan of DSBM but this shit is pretty good, thick atmosphere, sounds like Coldworld / Lustre:


damn. thats almost the perfect production right there! i think it might even be better than the forementioned bands. stuff like ColdWorld are primarily focused on the ambient stuff but on this the guitars are more on the spotlight (and boy oh boy aren't they heavy!)

best dsbm there is imo. amazing production

Beast of a song to close out a beast of an album:


Fantastic songwriting and creativity which only really becomes apparent when to try to play the damned thing. I love the chorus riff and howling guitar tone.


Melo-Black Done well!


better than original


Wow. MILES Better (And way heavier too!)



Classic! one of the best guitar sounds ever!


Underrated AF







Nice tune, great solo


Can't find individual videos of the tracks I want for this one, so here's the whole thing anyway, good shit


a really cool Turkish heavy Psych/Prog band with one of the most underrated bassists!



definition of underrated!


that's great, never heard that name before

they just released a single in 71 and pretty much vanished after that! then they come up with a 10/10 complation of unreleased material in 2014 (which is hugely recommended!) heavy prog/Psych at it's finest



love the riff on this one, could listen to it on loop for hours


nice bit of classic Sega fusion


is that fried chicken in the background

damn! this is almost criminnaly nostalgic for me! those were the days. graphic quality that could pierce your eyes from within, the tapes which were so moody and stopped working for no reason and you had to blow air into their chip like a Alcohol Hydrometer. fuckin sweet haha!

The Perfect Old school Black/Punk/Speed combination doesn't ex...



nice album










celebrating 503 news posts






and now for something completely different


new kreator
















love it when 30 years of musicianship shine through like this




Testing some new monitors, this guitar tone never gets old




ascetic bolzer



peak black metal




Happy Fred Durst Friday





nice vocals





golden oldie
















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for 'Random songs #3'

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for 'Random songs #3'

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