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A lot of band in music in general have really weird history, and even if we always hear about their story, Mayhem are far to be the most weird in my opinion. I know a lot of insane story but one that mark me for life is the story of the Italo-Slovenian gothic rock band Devil Doll. It's not necessarily the most extreme story, but it's really creepy. Of course, I don't have all the truth because I was not there when it happen but I think talking about what I know and maybe learn something about it by other people could be nice.

The band is formed in 1987 by Mister Doctor, i guy that no one knows the real name and who he really is until 2007, but that's not the thing. The band release a first album named "The Mark of the Beast", but only press one copy, so even if we can hear some song of the album in other release, no one ever heard the album completely other than the band member, and Mister Doctor himself keep it preciously at his home. He also paint the album cover himself and he described it as an "aural painting". But again, that's not the real weird thing about the band. The second album have been press in 500 copy and 150 of them include an insert written in Mister Doctor own blood that he distribute in the rare live gig that they did, and the rest have been burn by the guy. Their fourth album is talking about madness of a man living a life after his death, and it's supposely about Mister Doctor, you see? One other pretty weird thing related to this is that after the one and only interview he did as I know and it work pretty good with what he said, he said "It was the first and last interview of this life". And one day, he supposely disappear without saying something to someone before, he just disappear and even the band member don't know where he his. No one know where he his or whatever like this.

So of course, maybe it's just a character, but it stay really weird. And just listen to the music and you gonna see, it's extremely creepy and dark. The best example of this is the album "Dies Irae", their best one in my opinion that I highly recommend to everyone. Another story that I could have choose is the one of G.I.S.M, but I was founding it more like a dangerous band than a weird band. And I also recommend you to do your own search about Devil Doll to see how much the guy is weird, because I didn't talk about everything because it will be to long.

So, what is the most weird band story you ever heard?


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Damn dude that's weird af, although how much of that was intentional publicity stunts is anyone's guess. apparently that guy is in his 60s now.

I guess for me it's Mayhem, just from a notoriety perspective. There's probably some other bands around that I can't remember (thankfully), I've seen some pretty fucked up obscure album covers over the years while working on the site.

Yeah, and there is also the famous story of Silencer that is a pretty fuck top one from the Scandinavian scene but honestly, Mayhem story is a little girl story compare to some have heard before, I even found the Silencer one more extreme I mean, he still pressed an axe in the forehead of a 5 years old girl if I remember correctly haha, that's fucking good one.

Devil Doll RULES man! such an underrated band. though, i didn't know all these weird stories. (i'm not that surprised though! his music is extremely obscure)

as for me, i would probably go with 80s Mayhem (with Dead Obviously!). although, in my teens i was very much impressed with some of the stories circling around Varg (especially stuff like the inclusion of matches and lighters on some versions of Aske and of course the album cover and the story itself!) (and all the other Stuff that are OVER-documented!)

also, (and even though it's irrelevant to BM!) i have to mention G.G. Allin. (NO FUCKING EXPLANATIONS NEEDED FOR THIS DUDE haha)

GG Allin is in fact a really good one too haha, and yeah Devil Doll is sooo much underrated. But in the type of GG Allin shit story (what a pun) you will like G.I.S.M, their story is probably the most extreme I never heard.

Haha nice PUN! GISM is another mystery box. i have 3 albums from them which is rotting in my computer since 2015. lets listen to them to find out whether the hype and controversies match with the music!

I can't believe people still follow that fake rumour about Nattramn from Silencer.
It was in actual fact his brother who attacked two 6 year old girls with an axe, he killed himself a week after committing the crime.

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