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It has come to my attention that certain bands have been slacking as of late, and are not putting out new albums as agreed upon. Such insolence and procrastination will not be tolerated.

I jest. Here are 14 bands that, due to one reason or another, haven't released a new album in some time, and I would quite like to see them release one in the near future. In no particular order:

United States Caladan Brood

Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal from Utah, USA - Caladan Brood released their debut full-length, titled "Echoes of Battle", in 2013 to widespread acclaim, but sadly to date they are yet to release a follow-up album, or even any new material, for that matter. Taking inspiration from Steven Erikson's "Malazan Book of the Fallen" fantasy works, Caladan Brood make for a great Austria Summoning-inspired band that departs from the regular Tolkien worship.


Germany Falkenbach

Viking/Folk Black Metal from Düsseldorf, Germany - Falkenbach, a one-man band and brainchild of Vratyas Vakyas, remains one of the longest established acts in Black Metal, starting as far back as 1989, and perhaps the longest lived Viking Black Metal band following Sweden Bathory's untimely demise. However, despite showing no signs of retiring, there has been no new material from Falkenbach since 2013's "Asa".


Norway Carpathian Forest

Black Metal from Sandnes, Norway - Needing little introduction, Carpathian Forest are one of the most distinguished bands to emerge from Norway's Second Wave of Black Metal, although they always tended to wander just a little bit further from the mainstream spotlight than their peers, always remaining a little bit more obscure and... depraved, for a lack of a better word. Although actively touring and having put out a new EP as recently as 2018, their last full-length album dates back to 2006, almost unheard of for a band of this prominence.


Norway Demonaz

Black Metal from Oslo, Norway - Harald "Demonaz" Nævdal is perhaps better known as Demonaz Doom Occulta, one of the founders of legendary Norwegian Black Metal band Norway Immortal. In 2007 he created his eponymous solo-project, "Demonaz", and the project's debut full-length, "March of the Norse", was released in 2011, however that is the last material to be released under the Demonaz name so far. Perhaps the slightly turbulent stability of Immortal's line-up in recent times, together with Harald's battle against tendinitis over the years, have contributed to this.


United States Gallowbraid

Folk Black Metal from Utah, USA - The nature/folk-themed side-project of Jake Rogers, one of the members of aforementioned United States Caladan Brood, Gallowbraid released a singular EP in 2010, titled "Ashen Eidolon", and nothing more after that. Jake is perhaps more occupied these days performing vocal duties for Power Metal act United States Visigoth.


Norway Tsjuder

Black Metal from Oslo, Norway - Another big name from the Norwegian Black Metal scene, Tsjuder are still relatively active, however their latest full-length, "Antiliv", was already almost seven years ago, and all releases since then have pretty much been compilations of older material. This leaves some fresh Black Metal in traditional Tsjuder style to be much desired.


Finland Behexen

Black Metal from Tampere, Finland - Behexen are one of the central pillars of Finland's Black Metal scene, and have been putting out a brand new album every four years, almost like clockwork, since the band's inception in 1996. However, this pattern was broken recently, with no new album appearing in 2020 as would have been expected, and still none on the horizon.


Germany Nargaroth

Black Metal from Saxony, Germany - I have a love/hate relationship with Nargaroth, and although their latest album, 2017's "Era of Threnody", was relatively recent when compared to others in this list, overall the album felt a bit lacking and wasn't really up to the high standard of some of Nargaroth's previous releases, especially 2009's "Jahreszeiten" which preceded it. I'm really looking forward to Ash's return to form with a brand new album, hopefully, in the near future.


Germany Camulos

Black Metal from Saxony, Germany - One of Germany's lesser known Black Metal acts, who also appeared on my recent 15 Underrated Black Metal Bands thread, Camulos have not produced a new album since 2014's "Leichenlieder".


France Sektemtum

Black Metal from Montpellier, France - Sektemtum's 2012 debut, "Aut Caesar, Aut Nihil", really blew me away back in the day, with its fresh style and William "Meyhna'ch" Roussel's distinct vocals, it still ranks for me as one of the best French Black Metal albums. Their 2016 follow-up, "Panacea", was no less fresh, but lacking the nihilistic edge that Meyhna'ch contributed to the band following his departure the year before, with vocal duties being shared by the band's remaining line-up. Unfortunately, no new material has surfaced since then, with the Sektemtum's members perhaps being occupied with their main band, France Doctor Livingstone.


Sweden IXXI

Black Metal from Stockholm, Sweden - Not unlike France Sektemtum, IXXI originally drew my attention many years ago with their nihilistic vibes and distinct raspy vocals provided by Max Oscar "Totalscorn" Björnhagen, especially on their 2007 album, "Assorted Armament". No new material has surfaced since 2014 however, and although Max has long since departed the band, I am still interested in seeing a new IXXI album on the release calendar at some point.


France Blacklodge

Industrial Black Metal from Villard-de-Lans, France - I was never totally into Industrial Black Metal aside from a select few bands such as Italy Aborym, Switzerland Borgne and France Otargos, and perhaps some of Austria Abigor's later experimentation. Blacklodge was another such band, however absolutely no new material has surfaced since their 2012 album, "MachinatioN". Perhaps the members are busy with their other band, France Vorkreist?


France Vorkreist

Black Metal from Paris, France - No, apparently not. Vorkreist's last full-length album, "Sigil Whore Christ", also dates back to 2012, although they did manage to put out a new EP in 2016. I really digged their blend of Black Metal and Death Metal on their 2006 album "Sublimation XXIXA", so I'm hoping for a return to activity at some point with more material in the same vein.


Norway ICS Vortex

Progressive Black/Heavy Metal from Oslo, Norway - Whenever the topic of clean vocals comes up in Black Metal, I only have one answer, and that is Simen "ICS Vortex" Hestnæs, known for his invaluable contributions to Norway Dimmu Borgir, Norway Arcturus and Norway Borknagar. Simen started his solo project in 2011, releasing his debut full-length, "Storm Seeker", the same year, however that is all that he has had to offer so far. While ICS Vortex's band is only tangentially related to Black Metal, tangentially related is sometimes the perfect amount.


I have a few more bands in mind which would qualify for this list, but a lot of them are either inactive or split up, so I will probably make a separate post for them at a later date.

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