Posted by Hurgh44 on 7th September, 2022 @ 15:30 UTCBy Hurgh44 on 07-09-2022 @ 15:30 UTC

Hi, digging into various genres of metal and so far like black most. I put a flair of avant-garde, because it interests me, but also do look for folk, Pagan, occult or something like dark ambient, it can be kind of mixture of Yours favourites. I like A forest of stars, Saor, Myrkur, Caladan Brood, some Dimmu Borgir EP's and some of Burzum, these are favourites so far, but I'm sure, that I'm missing many good bands and You guys are more knowledgeable, it's also a hustle searching thru various threads on Reddit, better to have it in comments on one place. I also do like witchery, medieval, Tolkienist stuff and interested in Slavic and Balkan witchcraft. Looking forward for recommendations. I add that I really do enjoy female vocalists if they are of a good quality, also do not want bad production even in a cost of being good atmospheric. Thanks for any suggestion and nice day to everyone!

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I think you will like Darkestrah, Pagan Black Metal from Kyrgyzstan, both the previous and current vocalists were female. My favourite track:


If you're into Caladan Brood and like Tolkien, then definitely check out Summoning if you haven't already. Caladan Brood's style is directly inspired by Summoning.

I'd also suggest checking out Negură Bunget, Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh, Lunar Aurora, Wolves in the Throne Room and Mosaic.


Mosaic's production is a bit raw, but a "well-produced" kind of raw that is great. I think a lot of work went into mixing this album to make it sound just right. The end result is really captivating.

Hello I could recommend black metal albums with acoustic tracks similar to Dark Medieval Times by Satyricon; listen to Tusen år har gått... by Mörk Gryning, Svartalvheim by Ancient and Royaume de glace by Sombres Forêts.

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for 'Please, recommend me some bands based on what I do like so far - help'

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for 'Please, recommend me some bands based on what I do like so far - help'

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