Posted by arghal on 15th March, 2023 @ 16:07 UTCBy arghal on 15-03-2023 @ 16:07 UTC

Hello everyone!
I am collecting materials for my diploma thesis in the field of cultural studies. The subject of my work is "Black metal - not only music" and I am looking for different forms of black metal art that are not music.

I saw the last topic about artwork. I am looking for black metal in an even wider spectrum.

As a starting point, I have three artists creating completely different things.

1. Christophe Szpajdel, a Belgian artist, specializes in creating logotypes for black metal bands:

2. Hestus Warhallyah is a Polish artist who creates various types of works of art in black metal style, and her main theme is corpse paint:

3. Vegan Black Metal Chef is an American who specializes in the art of... cooking:

Do you know any other artists using black metal in art that is not music? Any thoughts on black metal as not only a musical art will also be helpful to me.

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Some things come to mind:

Peter Beste did a photography exhibition about Black Metal:

There was another art/photography thing involving corpsepaint by Antonella Arismendi. I can't find anything about it on her official site but I found this, maybe you can find out more somewhere:

Moonroot is another prolific logo artist:

Then I guess there is the whole aspect of Black Metal documentaries, if you want to consider making a documentary as a form of art.

Good luck!

Hi Arghal

Some very inspiring thoughts on the essence of BM are to be found on 'hideous gnosis', a collection of writings related to a kind of congress once held about BM on the most diverse topics. There is no direct link to BM art but there might be some useable content there for you.

All the best writing your thesis.

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for 'Black metal - not only music'

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for 'Black metal - not only music'

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