Posted by xwarhead on 29th January, 2023 @ 15:40 UTCBy xwarhead on 29-01-2023 @ 15:40 UTC

does anyone know what issue of what magazine this was taken from? i want to say it was metal blade or some magazine from around 1997 or so. pic:

could orders of such a magazine still be placed or how would you get it?

Posted by MZ_erina on 9th January, 2023 @ 00:24 UTCBy MZ_erina on 09-01-2023 @ 00:24 UTC

I hope you like it.

MALKIOTO1【Japanese Black Metal】

Malkioto1 - Rearranged version

#blackmetal #atmosphericmetal #japaneseblackmetal



Posted by FORBIDDENKEEP on 2nd January, 2023 @ 19:20 UTCBy FORBIDDENKEEP on 02-01-2023 @ 19:20 UTC

Use the checkout code - 2023

30% off all website stock

Buy 2 tapes and get a third free mystery tape included (we pick the tape, while stocks last, one per customer)


Posted by XS5 on 27th December, 2022 @ 08:52 UTCBy XS5 on 27-12-2022 @ 08:52 UTC

Hi maniacs!

I want to share with you a video that I make for my band Speedhammer. Since we're a small band we don't have any contacts or something, but I Made this music fully charged of passion.

So, let's the music speak for himself.

This song is called "Speed Nights X" is about the life and heavy metal, to follow your dreams and moving foward, but not forgetting the past.

Hope you can enjoy as me.

Thanks all.

And in honor to this forum here I share 'Lycanthrophiliac' song, more in the vein of the music that we ... [»]

Posted by Massacrae on 7th November, 2022 @ 12:29 UTCBy Massacrae on 07-11-2022 @ 12:29 UTC

MASSACRÆMENT #1! Featuring interviews with: Teitanblood, Adaestuo, Inferno, LvciFyre, Master's Hammer, Metastazis, Skuggeheim, Black Death Cult, Vampire, Nekromantheon and much more! Full of custom made artwork, articles and reviews.

View and Order here:

Thank you for your support!

Posted by Imperator on 1st November, 2022 @ 00:57 UTCBy Imperator on 01-11-2022 @ 00:57 UTC

Released on this day, 40 years ago.

Posted by danny777 on 26th October, 2022 @ 23:41 UTCBy danny777 on 26-10-2022 @ 23:41 UTC

Hello. Just a simple question. I was massively into the second wave of black metal in the late eighties early nineties and when Norwegian bands were starting to release albums I was buying them. I have all releases of DSP on cd I got them all on mail order they have no barcodes etc at the time I had picked up the awakening by merciless in a second hand store it has the matrix code dureco 001 on it but has red ring round the centre so is the second pressing I believe. Is it worth selling as complete collection? Also I found 2 letters from Euronymous in a morbid tales vinyl sleeve one received ... [»]

Posted by RavenblastOfficial on 9th October, 2022 @ 16:06 UTCBy RavenblastOfficial on 09-10-2022 @ 16:06 UTC

Ferocious symphonic black metal from Surabaya , East java , Indonesia Immersive, diverse and interesting sounding black metal with a solid, modern touch and epic symphonic roots.

Buy the CD: Price : IDR 60k or USD 5 (excluding postage) INFO ORDER ¤ Phone: +62896.6830.4929 ¤ Ig ¤ Fb

Posted by cygor on 29th September, 2022 @ 08:12 UTCBy cygor on 29-09-2022 @ 08:12 UTC

Last copies of the Peste Noire cheese-box available here:

Fuck yeah 10+yrs I support the guy, fingers crossed for a gig in Europe this year..

Posted by Hurgh44 on 7th September, 2022 @ 15:30 UTCBy Hurgh44 on 07-09-2022 @ 15:30 UTC

Hi, digging into various genres of metal and so far like black most. I put a flair of avant-garde, because it interests me, but also do look for folk, Pagan, occult or something like dark ambient, it can be kind of mixture of Yours favourites. I like A forest of stars, Saor, Myrkur, Caladan Brood, some Dimmu Borgir EP's and some of Burzum, these are favourites so far, but I'm sure, that I'm missing many good bands and You guys are more knowledgeable, it's also a hustle searching thru various threads on Reddit, better to have it in comments on one place. I also do like witchery, medieval, ... [»]

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