Posted by Warblackmetal666 on 23rd July, 2021 @ 19:01 UTCBy Warblackmetal666 on 23-07-2021 @ 19:01 UTC

When i was a young teen, i was listening to thrash metal band like Slayer and all this stuff and one day, at a metal t-shirt shop, i saw a Cannibal Corpse shirt of the album ''Butchered at Birth'' and i was like what the f*ck is this, this is so cool, i need to listen to this band, and i discover death metal. Firstly, i hate it. But with time, i start liking it. And then i start to be interested in extreme metal and heard something about a certain black metal, so i start searching about it and found Darkthrone. I saw the logo and the album cover and i found it insane, so i give a try to the ... [»]

Posted by winne007 on 14th July, 2021 @ 16:34 UTCBy winne007 on 14-07-2021 @ 16:34 UTC

I was there...

Was on Woodstock of Metal ( Dynamo 1995 in Eindhoven ) Play Tablesoccer with Tiamat befor his Gig under Cannibal Corpse Stand right next an Stage with Max Cavalera (Sepultura) when Stage Diving on his Arise-Tour Played to Gigs with Wolfchant Was Actor in A Splatter-Movie

Tell me your favorit memorys ;-) Im curios...

Posted by winne007 on 13th July, 2021 @ 17:49 UTCBy winne007 on 13-07-2021 @ 17:49 UTC

Why i doesent find Albums from In Flames, At the gates, Amorphis, Cathedral, Anathema, Asphyx, Paradise Lost, Death, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Grave and all the Pioneers of a new way to Play Music... The Godfathers of early Extreme-Metal. Also i missed Iron Maiden, Helloween, Tool, Accept, Lacrimosa, Dio, Danzig, Running Wild, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Annihilator, Overkill, Ozzy, Led Zeppelin etc... )

Or i do misunderstand something ? This Side is only for Black-Metal in this Age ? Or maybe im blind and dont find this Albums ? Please illuminate me...

Thanks for help !


Random songs #2

Posted by Imperator on 12th July, 2021 @ 13:03 UTCBy Imperator on 12-07-2021 @ 13:03 UTC

Due to how awfully resource-intensive YouTube embeds are, we will need to split these song-sharing threads every ~100 videos.

Previous thread:


Random songs #1

Posted by Imperator on 7th July, 2021 @ 09:40 UTCBy Imperator on 07-07-2021 @ 09:40 UTC

Just going to start a thread for people to start shitposting awesome songs they come across (any genre).

Thread continued here:

Posted by Imperator on 6th July, 2021 @ 22:30 UTCBy Imperator on 06-07-2021 @ 22:30 UTC

From 2015: "Swedish man gets disability benefits after his heavy metal obsession is declared an addiction."

“I spoke to three psychologists and they finally agreed that I needed this to avoid being discriminated against.”

His new boss reportedly will let Tullgren wear what he wants to work and give him time off for gigs, as well as letting him play music as he works.

There's hope for me yet.

Posted by Imperator on 2nd July, 2021 @ 12:37 UTCBy Imperator on 02-07-2021 @ 12:37 UTC

When I first started getting into extreme metal, I really admired Nicholas Barker from his work with Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, and to this day I still think he's one of the greatest metal drummers out there, his work on the "Dusk and Her Embrace" album is mindblowing:

I think his departure from Cradle of Filth marked the end of an era and the beginning of their decline, and even though I'm fond of Midian and I think Adrian Erlandsson is a good drummer, there's simply no way he could fill Nicholas Barker's shoes in that role, he's not in the same league and I don't think ... [»]


cat anemia

Posted by Imperator on 17th June, 2021 @ 13:07 UTCBy Imperator on 17-06-2021 @ 13:07 UTC

Over the years I noticed some weird searches on the site, thanks to people's mobile phone autocorrect not being versed in the dark arts of kvltness.

I found it pretty funny, so I began to make a list at some point (don't ask me why exactly). I may as well share it now, see if you can guess what they were searching for, some are more obvious than others:

a bigot analysts nathan bagel far black metal israel krieg blunt aus nord bout sushi nord cassidy luciferi cat anemia crown of asterisk dimmi virgin dummy borger funny roll grand belgians key minas mongrel nuns laughter skillet walnut ... [»]

Posted by PeaceThroughAnarchy on 28th May, 2021 @ 19:33 UTCBy PeaceThroughAnarchy on 28-05-2021 @ 19:33 UTC

One of the most inclusive documentaries ever made for a band! it covers every detail from their childhood to their early Thrash Metal, Death Metal Beginnings, right into their early Underground Black Metal and Viking Metal day towards their current Progressive Metal Trajectory. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Part 1 Of 12:

Part 2 Of 12:

Part 3 Of 12:

Part 4 Of 12:

Part 5 Of 12:

Part 6 Of 12:

Part 7 Of 12:

Part 8 Of 12:

Part 9 of 12:

Part 10 Of 12:

Part 11 Of 12:

Part 12 Of 12:

Posted by PeaceThroughAnarchy on 28th May, 2021 @ 08:36 UTCBy PeaceThroughAnarchy on 28-05-2021 @ 08:36 UTC

This is one of the earliest documentaries about BM which didn't just criticize it and shifted the focus from controversies towards the music itself.

at some points it's fuckin' hillarious (some may even call it Cringy) but it's really really cool and also includes Bands like Ancient Rites, Enthroned, and dark Funeral.

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