Kvaen - The Funeral Pyre
1.Revenge by Fire
2.Yee Naaldlooshii
3.The Funeral Pyre
4.Septem Peccata Mortalia
5.The Wolves Throne
6.As We Serve the Masters Plan
7.Bestial Winter
8.Hymn to Kvenland
Length: 45:31

The Funeral Pyre

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94% 4.7 star rating
1 Review
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'Kvaen - The Funeral Pyre'
'The Funeral Pyre'

4.7 star rating 94%

The best of Metal, vol. 43

How can a band sound like so many different eras of metal in just one release?! You can find lots of 80s Speed Metal influences (like United States Agent Steel), and even some of the 2000s Black/Speed influences (like Australia Deströyer 666 and Unknown Desaster).

That's not that special, but what is very special is the fact that you can also find lots of melodic Black Metal influences (like early Sweden Dissection). That's enough to make it special right? No! There is even a hint of VIKING METAL! Yeah, that's right; we have a Melodic Black/Speed/Thrash Epic Pagan Metal here!

The production here is EPIC. One of the best mixes I've encountered in ages! You can hear lots of cool 70s studio tricks, like the channel switch in the middle of solos. The riffs and solos are incredibly old school and catchy, but the overall techniques and modern production make this a very desirable, modern effort indeed.

Have I talked about the first song here? Seriously dudes, this is one of the all time great metal songs! An epic song from start to finish (and an awesome album from start to finish!).

If you want a melancholic album, look elsewhere! But if you want to headbang to a point which your head comes off, you can't top this shit! A MUST-HAVE!

Review for 'Kvaen - The Funeral Pyre' by PeaceThroughAnarchy
by Iran PeaceThroughAnarchy on 28th May, 2021 -
Trusted User - Lycanthropia.net - 148 reviews
Bang That Head That Doesn't Bang to Sarcofago.

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By HordalandImperator on
31st May, 2021 @ 00:42 UTC


This kicks ass, good shit.

And once again a one-man-band.

31st May, 2021 @ 06:27 UTC


Exactly! i'm Baffled by all the kick ass One man bands as well.
in the olden days i expected one man bands to be Just Burzum Clones with the same melancholic, monotone, simple sound but nowadays some one man bands sound like a fucking horde!

this is probably one of the best progressions from the past few years. one man bands that are not just soulful but virtuosic and kickass as well!

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