Lamp of Murmuur - Submission and Slavery
1.Reduced To Submission And Slavery
2.Thine Be The Calvary
3.Dominatrix’s Call
4.Deformed Erotic Visage
5.Lustgate Toward Your Cruel Dominions
6.As Evening Falls (Christian Death)
Length: 29:24
Submitted by Warblackmetal666
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Submission and Slavery

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91% 4.6 star rating
1 Review
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'Lamp of Murmuur - Submission and Slavery'
'Submission and Slavery'

4.6 star rating 91%

Sisters Of Mercy Goes BM!

United StatesLamp of Murmuur is one of the greatest and most consistent bands of recent years which always manages to amaze me with every new release! as i mentioned in my United KingdomRevenant Marquis Review, i discovered this band (and this new wave of Raw BM!) with the amazing 2020 split album. Since then, every subsequent album, EP, Demo is an improvement over the previous release! This, their latest full-length, came as a massive surprise for me. This is one of the greatest albums i have ever listened (not just in Black Metal!)

Perhaps no other BM album that i know of, have incorporated this much 80s Goth Rock / Post-punk influences into the musical part! United KingdomSisters of Mercy Fans like myself will easily identify the album cover as a clear tribute to their 1987 Classic "Floodland". The SOM (and other Post-Punk) influences can be further felt on the songs themselves as well (most clearly on the third track "Dominatrix’s Call"). However; don't be fooled into thinking that this album is full of cheezy 80s synth-pop! the usage of synths and other tiny post-punk influenced melodies are cleverly buried beneath the brilliant old school Raw Black Metal Sound.

Before we get deeper into the albums details, let me clearify that this album is easily my fav album of 2021 so far. Even though we still have a couple of months remaining till the end of the year but i don't think any album will come close to this masterpiece!

Apart from the third track (which is clearly a United KingdomJoy Division influenced song), there are 3 more tracks to suggest this Post-punk Influence. Track 2 + Track 5 are clearly influenced by some other Post-Punk / Gothic Rock bands such as mid era United KingdomThe Cure . And the final cover track is obviously inspired by another great New Wave band United StatesChristian Death. (I Know I know! i'm not good at being funny haha). On a more serious point, i think i still prefer the original version of this song but i have to say i really respect this new attempt as well.

The first song is one hell of an opener. This song alone could have completed a studio album on its own (but thankfully there are some other great tunes as a bonus as well!). That drum intro is a great sign that this album is going to rock like hell! speaking of drums; the drumming on this album is incredibly dynamic and well performed. People sometimes forget the Black Metal Formula when it comes to the drumming but this guy (whoever the fuck he is!) didn't skip any of the 80s and 90s Primitive Metal Classes! the song slows down on some moments and ventures into Death metal and old school Tormentor and even sisters of Mercy in the span of a couple of minutes (which showcases the great songwriting on this album). Also there is a rather beautiful loud clean vocal attempt which is extremely cool.

The 2nd song is one of the best interlude soongs EVER! just try and beat this shit when choosing a playlist for a Rainy, melancholic, Solitary night! this song creates an ambience that i haven't encountered much. Dungeun synth meets 80s darkwave!

After the amazing interlude we arrive at the catchiest song on offer, "Dominatrix’s Call". As i mentioned before, this song is the most obvious candidate to choose when we talk about the 80s New Wave influences. Part United KingdomJoy Division part SOM! also the vocals on this song are very different (almost Original). Just like the first track, the clean vocal attempts here are extremely well executed and approach something purely original.

Then we arrive at the highlight track (easily!), "Deformed Erotic Visage". Even though i couldn't find any lyrics for the song (if you have any please comment it down below) but i'm guessing that it's something related to sensuality, eroticism, etc. This sort of new direction in the poetry section really makes me happy (enough with the hail satans!). It's also nice to appreciate this mysterious nature of this guy at this point. (enough with the PR!)
Towards the middle, this song almost turns into a classic Metal/ Doom Metal riffing (reminds me of Dissident Aggressor By United KingdomJudas priest!) then it changes the whole tuning and settings concerning the guitars and everything and turns into an AMAZING guitar solo that can be described as an old school Roots rock / blues rock worship ( Dire Straits Meets Rory Gallagher with a hint of post-punk!)

I cant praise enough the production of this album. Whether it is the icy tones of the guitars on the Raw moments or the Traditional heavy/Doom or Death metal or New wave or blues/Roots rock moments, this guy knows how to tune a guitar and record some shit! it's sometimes hard to believe that only one dude is making this variety of sounds on one album!

Overall, this album is going in the right direction! every other band should take some lessons from this guy. He is keeping the 80s and early 90s mysterious spirit of BM and trying to progress and actually put some other elements from other sources of influence without " Taking it Further" and just focusing on the atmosphere and shit like that (Ahhhem most of Symphonic and Melodic BM bands). This is BM at it's purest form. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Review for 'Lamp of Murmuur - Submission and Slavery' by PeaceThroughAnarchy
by Iran PeaceThroughAnarchy on 22nd September, 2021 -
Trusted User - - 155 reviews
Bang That Head That Doesn't Bang to Sarcofago.

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