Necros Christos - Domedon Doxomedon
1.Temple I - Zohar of the Sky
2.I Am Christ
3.Gate of Sooun
4.Temple II - Cistern of Bethlehem
5.Tombstone Chapel
6.Gate of Damihyron
7.Temple III - Helper of YHVH
8.He Doth Mourn in Hell
9.Gate of Aion Tsevaoth
10.Temple IV - Oracle of Men
11.Seven Altars Burn in Sin
12.Gate of Arba-Hemon
13.Temple V - Bereshit
14.Exiled in Transformation
15.Gate of Behet-Myron
16.Temple VI - Weight of Gold
17.The Heart of King Solomon in Sorcery
18.Gate of Sulam
19.Temple VII - Alive in Sheol
20.The Guilt they Bore
21.Gate of Jehudmijron
22.Temple VIII - Smoke in Fire
24.Gate of Dimitrijon
25.Temple IX : A Redeemer Will Come to Zion
26.In Meditation on the Death of Christ
27.Gate of Ea-On
Length: 1:53:06

Domedon Doxomedon

This album was released on 18th May, 2018.
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90% 4.5 star rating
1 Review

Length: 1:53:06

  1. Temple I - Zohar of the Sky
  2. I Am Christ
  3. Gate of Sooun
  4. Temple II - Cistern of Bethlehem
  5. Tombstone Chapel
  6. Gate of Damihyron
  7. Temple III - Helper of YHVH
  8. He Doth Mourn in Hell
  9. Gate of Aion Tsevaoth
  10. Temple IV - Oracle of Men
  11. Seven Altars Burn in Sin
  12. Gate of Arba-Hemon
  13. Temple V - Bereshit
  14. Exiled in Transformation
  15. Gate of Behet-Myron
  16. Temple VI - Weight of Gold
  17. The Heart of King Solomon in Sorcery
  18. Gate of Sulam
  19. Temple VII - Alive in Sheol
  20. The Guilt they Bore
  21. Gate of Jehudmijron
  22. Temple VIII - Smoke in Fire
  23. Exodos
  24. Gate of Dimitrijon
  25. Temple IX : A Redeemer Will Come to Zion
  26. In Meditation on the Death of Christ
  27. Gate of Ea-On

1 Review for
'Necros Christos - Domedon Doxomedon'
'Domedon Doxomedon'

4.5 star rating 90%

Endtyme Death Metal

Anyone familiar with Necros Christos knows that their albums require patience and attention. The shortest LP being their debut Triune Impurity Rights which comes in at just under an hour. Their second Doom of the Occult is an hour fifteen, and then the third and the band says last album Domedon Doxomedon is a nearly two hour blackened death behemoth. Several of it's 27 songs are intros, chants, preludes, and atmospheres. Which sounds like it would be over wrought and bloated but actually work quite well in the context of the albums overall aesthetic.
The concept of the album is three triads that contain three temples each. Each triad is nine songs of extremely creative music that mixes black, death, doom, and the occult. I know it's been done right? But believe me the level of musicianship and lyricism on display here is second to none. One can tell from the lyrics and album artwork that these guys are true believers in religious occultism and mysticism. Listening to the album I feel like I'm witness to a ceremony or sacred ritual of a millennia past. Each song performed deliberately and with precision as if prescribed by holy scripture. Delivered with aplomb that Necros Christos is known for. A creation all their own. And if this is truly to be their last album, a perfect culmination of their recorded output.
I've been a metal fan for a long time mainly because when you think you've heard it all something comes along to surprise you. And though there are familiar tropes in this genre Domedon Doxomedon creates a unique experience. John Mincemoyer gave this album a perfect 6 out of 6 in his review for Zero Tolerance magazine (issue 84). I wouldn't rate it perfect but damn good! Don't let the length deter you from hearing it.

Review for 'Necros Christos - Domedon Doxomedon' by ScorchedEarth
by ScorchedEarth on 4th February, 2023
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'Necros Christos - Domedon Doxomedon'
'Domedon Doxomedon'

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