50,000 albums

Posted by Imperator on 26th November, 2019 @ 00:00 UTCBy Imperator on 26-11-2019 @ 00:00 UTC

Probably the first real milestone achieved.

We recently surpassed the 50,000 album mark (well... 50,000 albums, EPs, demos, compilations, promos, and the odd rehearsal, live recording and single that got dragged into the mix) bringing the total number of releases featured on the site to 50,117 at the time of writing this.

That's quite a step up from the 100 albums originally featured when the site was first launched over 8 years ago. We've come a long way since then, so here's to another 50,000! If my estimates are correct, we'll reach that milestone in about 2031.

Of course, this couldn't have been achieved without you, the contributors, and your dedication in helping us to stay up to date, "inactive" as the site is, so thanks once again to all of you for your time and effort.

If you're interested in how all these 50,000+ releases are grouped and divided, check out the database statistics page for some mildly interesting maps, graphs and charts.

Stay tuned.

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By Kevin (Archived) on
Kevin (Archived) -
27th Nov, 2019 @ 23:46 UTC


I got into black metal 2 years ago and this website has helped me find some great bands I wouldn't have found otherwise. Thank you guys, I look forward to future updates.

By Imperator (Archived) on
Imperator (Archived) -
30th Nov, 2019 @ 08:30 UTC


Thank you Kevin

By Filip (Archived) on
Filip (Archived) -
7th Jan, 2020 @ 07:20 UTC


Keep up the good work!

By Anant (Archived) on
Anant (Archived) -
6th Apr, 2020 @ 19:34 UTC


This site gave me 600 of my best black metal albums. Including Rain upon the impure as my best and also rated here as the best.

By Imperator (Archived) on
Imperator (Archived) -
30th Apr, 2020 @ 22:20 UTC


That's great!

By Dr.Legendaddy (Archived) on
Dr.Legendaddy (Archived) -
30th Apr, 2020 @ 15:33 UTC


This website gave me so many albums that I really cherish deeply! Hoagascht, Om, Voice of Steel... THANKS! YOU ARE AWESOME!

By Imperator (Archived) on
Imperator (Archived) -
30th Apr, 2020 @ 22:19 UTC


That's awesome to hear, thanks

By DI IONNO (Archived) on
DI IONNO (Archived) -
7th Oct, 2020 @ 03:28 UTC


Your dedication to this scene and it's fans are a true blessing
Your love of this music is inspiring, keep up the good work sir!

Thank you to all those responsible for creating and maintaining
this important website!

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