Posted by Imperator on 17th April, 2020 @ 00:00 UTCBy Imperator on 17-04-2020 @ 00:00 UTC

Minor changes, including support for multiple bands with the same name from the same country.

General changes:

  • The old reviews have been taken offline, pending a re-write.
  • Added support for multiple bands from the same country that use the same name, differentiated by greek letters α, β, γ, etc... Together with this change, a considerable amount of "new" artists have been added to the database which previously couldn't co-exist. This affects the following bands:

    Abaddon (BRA)
    Abaddon (COL)
    Abaddon (USA)
    Abyssus (USA)
    Ancalagon (USA)
    Aphelion (USA)
    Athame (USA)
    Bestial Lust (BRA)
    Black Goat (USA)
    Blackmoon (SWE)
    Bloodlust (USA)
    Cloak (USA)
    Curse (SWE)
    Daimon (GRC)
    Decarabia (USA)
    Délétère (CAN)
    Demogorgon (AUS)
    Demogorgon (DEU)
    Demogorgon (SWE)
    Draugr (USA)
    Durhaka (IDN)
    Empyrean (USA)
    Ересь (RUS)
    Ergotism (FRA)
    Eternal Darkness (MEX)
    Frostland (DEU)
    Funerarium (FRA)
    Hel (DEU)
    Helvete (ITA)
    Hiisi (FIN)
    Incandescence (CAN)
    Искон (SRB)
    Kadotus (FIN)
    Kalku (CHL)
    Lore (USA)
    Мор (RUS)
    Морок (RUS)
    Myrkvid (FRA)
    Mystik (SWE)
    Nacht (DEU)
    Necrolust (BRA)
    Necrolust (ITA)
    Necrostench (RUS)
    Nema (USA)
    Nidhogg (NOR)
    Nuctemeron (DEU)
    Offertorium (BRA)
    Olkoth (USA)
    Pessimist (USA)
    Plaguewielder (USA)
    Saturn (BRA)
    Scur (ITA)
    Selbsthass (DEU)
    Shadar Logoth (RUS)
    Solipsism (SVK)
    Сварга (RUS)
    Svartkonst (SWE)
    Throne (USA)
    Trup (POL)
    Utburd (RUS)
    Varg (DEU)
    Veles (POL)
    Vermin (USA)
    Vermine (FRA)
    Werewolf (POL)
    Wraith (USA)

Minor changes:

  • Added "Other" genre for albums that are unrelated to any of the existing categories.
  • For any musicians out there, has been added as an affiliate if you are interested in helping us out that way.
  • Andorra, Jersey, and Saint Pierre & Miquelon have been added to the Statistics maps.
  • Improved Advanced Search result load times.
  • Searching for "top 100 albums", "top 100 black metal albums", "reviews" etc... now re-directs the user to the appropriate page.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed random order bug for certain search results.
  • Fixed incorrect albums/band, bands/country and albums/country ratio averages in the Statistics.

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