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The interview circles around the origin of the illustration used as the new album cover, and its connection with the album and Darkthrone in general.

Fenriz uncovers more details about new album in interview
Fenriz uncovers more details about new album in interview

Fenriz from the mighty Norway Darkthrone recently offered a brand new interview with, which reveals more details about the upcoming full-length.

In the article, there is a lengthy interview with artist David A. Hardy about the origins of his artwork, and also a rather short interview with Fenriz about the intention of the band for using this artwork on their upcoming album, "Eternal Hails......".

'Pluto and Charon' (2015) by David A. Hardy (© David A. Hardy/AstroArt)

'Pluto and Charon' (2015) by David A. Hardy (© David A. Hardy/AstroArt)

When asked about the idea behind using this artwork as their album cover, Fenriz reveals some details about the history of the band (and himself) regarding the early days of Darkthrone:

It would be easy as Paul (Peaceville label manager) suggesting to have my "spaced out" title for the next album on THIS album, but it would be too obvious and perfect. I struggle with perfect. I like music to have friction, to find the diamond and not just get a diamond ring or whatever. 'Eternal Hails' was a standard ending of letters back in the day, be it 80's or 90's (90% of my letter correspondence were in '87, '88, '89).

'Eternal Hails' is therefore the bonds of old. If you want to connect it to the artwork, then that is fine, but I will not say how. Everyone can see the artwork. The title is not an underground correspondence thing, but perhaps a yearning or a deep respect or simply AWE.

I xeroxed this artwork for correspondence purposes back in '88 at Waldemarhøy in Ski when I went to school there and got placed as an office boy at that culture centre. I had access to an awesome xeroxer! I first saw that artwork in a book about space that my cousin Fonne had and it was 40 years ago, It is my favourite space image of all time and I was HAPPY AS LARRY (!!!) when Paul fixed it so that we could use it. David A. Hardy, man! THE CIRCLE IS COMPLETE.

(Based on these statements by Fenriz, my personal assumption would be that the music on this album is not going to be a fully "spaced-out" Doom Metal effort!)

David A. Hardy

David A. Hardy

Although the Interview with David A. Hardy doesn't mention much about the album or Darkthrone in general, it provides some cool facts. For example; the original "Pluto" artwork didn't have a moon in 1972, but in 1978, after the discovery of Pluto's moon, the artwork was slightly altered and ended-up as the way it is today.

The original artwork

The original artwork

The updated version that will appear on "Eternal Hails....."

The updated version that will appear on "Eternal Hails....."

Also, another rather off-topic fact is that David A. Hardy designed the original artwork for Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon", which was later scrapped and replaced with an enigmatic prism and spectrum.

You can read the whole article here:

"Eternal Hails......" will be released on June the 25th through Peaceville Records. Stay tuned for more updates.

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That fact about altering the painting after the discovery of Charon is so cool.

EXACTLY! gives me goosebumps.
but for me, the coolest thing (talking as a prog Fan!) was his version of The "Dark Side of The Moon"! how tf did they ignore that art and go for that "simple but artsy" artwork?!

Really cool artwork, it makes all the difference in the world for me, very excited for this release. Agreed on the Dark Side cover, it's a shame they completely scratched the idea

indeed! the role of the artwork is pretty much a lost, forgotten feature in Metal in general. most people don't care that much about artworks. the same way that lyric reading isn't big in Metal! very annoying! hail the Gods like Darkthrone who prefer having a smaller audience who cares about the forgotten roles of Real Drums and meaningful lyrics and meaningful artwoks to a bigger, mainstream one that will make them a lot of money!

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for 'Fenriz uncovers more details about new album in interview'

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