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The compilation, titled "This Wretched Earth", will feature songs by 16 bands from 14 countries across 6 continents, some of which are exclusive to this release.

New compilation announced by Snow Wolf Records

U.S. label Snow Wolf Records have just announced that they will be releasing a new compilation album on the 6th of August. The compilation will be titled "This Wretched Earth" and will feature songs by 16 bands from 14 countries across 6 continents, with several songs being exclusive to this release.

The label commented the following:

This was an adventure to put together and it’s an amazing collection of sounds from all over the world. We even have some exclusive brand new unreleased tracks. I owe a great deal of gratitude to a lot of people for helping bring this together but mostly to the bands. Eternal hails to all involved.

The complete tracklist for "This Wretched Earth" is as follows:

  1. Canada Spectral Dance (Canada) - "Black Metal Invasion"
  2. Egypt Of Two Lands (Egypt) - "Worth"
  3. Iran Akvan (Iran) - "شکوه فراموش شده - IR 655"
  4. Poland Mistral (Poland) - "Stasis"
  5. Malaysia Gestorven (Malaysia) - "It Lân Fan Dreamen"
  6. Chile Funeral (Chile) - "Decadencia Total (Sombras)"
  7. Egypt Lycopolis (Egypt) - "Great One from the Throne"
  8. Australia Drugoth (Australia) - "The Ire of Shograath"
  9. Colombia Melabstra (Columbia) - "Guerra Animal"
  10. Hungary Nekrofília (Hungary)- "Lángokban Elveszejtve"
  11. United States Starer (USA) - "Five Minutes Before Dawn"
  12. Greece Odyrmos (Greece) - "Silver Stars"
  13. United States Pulsa diNura (USA) - "Humanity's Tomb"
  14. Russia Astarium (Russia) - "Kill To Survive II"
  15. India Sounds of Emptiness (India) - "Dreams That Feel Like a Blurry Memory"
  16. Ukraine Haissem (Ukraine) - "Deus Vult"

Here's a closer look at the cover art:

Pre-orders are now available on the label's Bandcamp page for digital, cassette, and CD versions of the compilation, with a release date set for the 6th of August:

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