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In our first Black Metal poll, we asked you which was your favourite overall style or sub-genre of Black Metal. Well, after 200 votes, we have closed the poll, and the results are the following:

Pagan / Viking / Folk Black Metal is notably the most popular style at the moment among our userbase.

If you haven't noticed, we have already opened a brand new poll. This time around, we ask you Which is the country that has provided you with the majority of your favourite Black Metal albums?.

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New Minas Morgul album 14/09
New Minas Morgul album 14/09

German Pagan Black Metal band Minas Morgul are scheduled to release their next album, titled "Ära", on the 14th of September. This will mark their fifth full length studio recording, and their third album to be released through German underground label Heiden Klangwerke.

The tracklist for "Ära" is as follows:

Stimme in mir
Im Krieg
Aus alten Wunden

Minas Morgul formed in Brandenburg, Germany in 1997, taking their name from the stronghold of the Nazgûl in J.R.R. Tolkien's ... [»]

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New song from Enslaved online
New song from Enslaved online

Norwegian Progressive Black Metal band Enslaved have recently uploaded a lyric video for the song "Thoughts Like Hammers" from their upcoming album, titled "RIITIIR", which is scheduled to be released on the 28th of September through Nuclear Blast.

Posted by Imperator on 29th August, 2012 @ 00:00 UTCBy Imperator on 29-08-2012 @ 00:00 UTC

The latest update to our website includes an easier to understand genre classification system. From now on, Black / Thrash albums are now correctly represented by the "Thrash" label, and all traditional Black Metal albums (by today's standards) are now represented by the "Second Wave" label to indicate that their sound either pertains to or shares similarities with the Second Wave of Black Metal.

Furthermore, we have added the "Death" label for all albums with Death Metal influences, and last but not least we have added the "Experimental" label to indicate that an album features eithe ... [»]

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Negură Bunget reveal next album
Negură Bunget reveal next album

Romanian Pagan Black Metal band Negură Bunget have given an update on their official site regarding the details surrounding their upcoming trilogy of "audio-visual" albums which they call the "Transilvanian Trilogy":

The work on the first part of the Transilvanian Trilogy, entitled Tău is progressing well. We started the pre-production for a while, and we plan to begin recordings in our very own Negura Music studio in September. Naturally we teamed up with long time friend and visual artist Dan Florin Spataru / Encoil Mark for the graphical presentation of the album. As Tău is the very ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on 27th August, 2012 @ 00:00 UTCBy Imperator on 27-08-2012 @ 00:00 UTC

New Krallice album streaming
New Krallice album streaming

U.S. Black Metal band Krallice have recently released their fourth full length album, titled "Years Past Matter", on the 25th of August. This is the first album to be released by the band themselves, and they have made the entire album available for online streaming on their official Bandcamp profile. The vinyl edition will be released on the 16th of October by Gilead Media.

Krallice was formed by musicians Mick Barr and Colin Marston in New York City during 2007, and their self-titled debut rapidly gained attention in the U.S. Black Metal scene.

Click here to listen to "Years Past ... [»]

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You can now buy via Blackscaped
You can now buy via Blackscaped

We are proud to announce that it is now possible to buy Black Metal albums from through our website. While Amazon offers an extensive selection of Black Metal albums in their music section on their globe-spanning network of online stores, as well as the possibility to purchase MP3 downloads, sometimes there are lesser known albums that are either unlisted or otherwise unavailable. This is where Blackscaped comes in.

Based in Germany and founded in 1999, Blackscaped has been one of Europe's leading Metal Mailorder websites, and they offer a wide range of Black Metal albums ... [»]

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New Lustre album in September
New Lustre album in September

Swedish Atmospheric Black Metal band Lustre are set to release their next full length album, titled "They Awoke to the Scent of Spring", on the 11th of September. This will mark their third album, after having released "Night Spirit" in 2009 and "A Glimpse of Glory" in 2010.

The album will divided into four numbered, untitled tracks of approximately 10 minutes in length each, with the last two being purely instrumental.

Lustre is a one-man band, formed by Henrik "Nachtzeit" Sunding in 2008 in Östersund, Sweden. In addition to these two prior full length albums, Lustre has also released ... [»]

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Gorgoroth singer kicked from band
Gorgoroth singer kicked from band

Thomas Kronenes, more commonly known by his stage name Pest, has been kicked out of Norwegian Black Metal band Gorgoroth for not prioritising the band's upcoming South American tour in September. The band has issued the following statement on their website:

Out of respect for and loyalty to Gorgoroth's audience and collaborators, Infernus has kicked Pest out of the band, effective immediately. This after Pest informed the band that he would not be prioritizing doing the upcoming Latin American Tour after all, just two weeks before the band was set to depart for Brazil. Infernus has decided ... [»]

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YouTube previews now available
YouTube previews now available

The latest addition to our arsenal of functionalities on is the option to preview albums through our official YouTube channel. If an album has this option, the preview will appear as a link in the song list underneath the album's cover on the left hand side, as can be seen in the image above.

To begin with, there are approximately 150 albums with this feature, the majority of these being albums that are in our Top 100 Black Metal Albums list. We will be adding the links to the remaining songs from our YouTube channel for each album over the coming days.


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