Posted by Imperator on 31st May, 2021 @ 14:50 UTCBy Imperator on 31-05-2021 @ 14:50 UTC

New Agrypnie song streaming online

German Post-Black Metal band Agrypnie are due to release their upcoming full-length album, titled "Metamorphosis", on the 30th of July through German label AOP Records. While we wait, the label has made the track "Wir Ertrunkenen" available for streaming on their YouTube channel:

"Metamorphosis" will mark the band's sixth full-length release, and their first to be released through AOP Records. The complete tracklist for the new album is as follows:

Wir Ertrunkenen - Prolog Wir Ertrunkenen Verwüstung Am Ende der Welt - Teil 1 Skulptur aus Eis Metamorphosis 3327 Melatonin Untergang Am ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on 30th May, 2021 @ 23:51 UTCBy Imperator on 30-05-2021 @ 23:51 UTC

New Crépuscule album out now

Quebecois Black Metal project Crépuscule has just released its second full-length album, which is titled "Le Gardien des Clefs" (trans. "The Guardian of the Keys"). The new album was released through Chinese label Pest Productions on the 28th of May, and marks the project's first studio release since the 2011 debut, "Néant".

Leading up to the release, the new album was made available for streaming on the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel earlier this month:

Crépuscule was formed in 2007 by David "Bardunor" Verret, who you may have already heard as the drummer for fellow Canadians ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on 30th May, 2021 @ 01:09 UTCBy Imperator on 30-05-2021 @ 01:09 UTC

New Heathen Deity album streaming online in full

UK Black Metal veterans Heathen Deity are soon to be releasing their debut full-length album through Death Kvlt Productions / Cult Never Dies, and leading up to the occasion, the entire album is now streaming online in its entirety through the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel:

The album, appropriately titled "True English Black Metal", features the following tracklist:

The Gateway Opens Burn in Satan's Name Condemned to Conception True English Black Metal The Flames of the Gathering Darkness The Black Goat Infernal For the Nameless One - Shemhamforash Beneath the Fires ... [»]

Posted by PeaceThroughAnarchy on 28th May, 2021 @ 17:09 UTCBy PeaceThroughAnarchy on 28-05-2021 @ 17:09 UTC

Unreleased Burzum material on vinyl

A couple of years ago someone called Hermann Conan uploaded two unreleased tapes to Facebook. One of them was the raw and unmixed version of Dauði Baldrs with 3 previously unreleased Electronic/Darkwave style songs. The other was a demo tape containing some of the instrumental rehearsals from Varg's Uruk-hai days in the early 90s which were given to Mr. Conan by producer Eirik "Pytten" Hundvin himself.

Here is the raw Dauði Baldrs tape, originally uploaded to Facebook and YouTube:

And here is the unreleased material tape, originally uploaded to Facebook and ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on 28th May, 2021 @ 12:58 UTCBy Imperator on 28-05-2021 @ 12:58 UTC

New Impaled Nazarene album streaming in full

Crazy Finnish motherfuckers Impaled Nazarene are releasing what will be their 13th full-length album today, which is titled "Eight Headed Serpent", through Osmose Productions. To mark the occasion, the entire album will be streamed later this afternoon through the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel:

Some last-minute hype was posted on their Facebook page a couple of days ago:

A long wait of 7 fucking long years will come to an end in Friday May 28th when the 13th Impaled Nazarene studio album Eight Headed Serpent crashes into existence with demonic banshee howl, graphic ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on 28th May, 2021 @ 12:32 UTCBy Imperator on 28-05-2021 @ 12:32 UTC

Debut Khandra album streaming online

Belarussian Black Metal newcomers Khandra have released their debut full-length album today, which is titled "All Occupied by Sole Death". To celebrate the occasion, the band's label, Season of Mist, are now streaming the entire album in full on their YouTube channel, which you can check out below:

The full tracklist for "All Occupied by Sole Death" is as follows:

Mute moleben Irrigating Lethal Acres with Blood Nothing but Immortality for Aye In Harvest Against the Sun With the Blessing of Starless Night Thanatos All Occupied by Sole Death

The cover art for the ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on 27th May, 2021 @ 19:24 UTCBy Imperator on 27-05-2021 @ 19:24 UTC

New Dornenreich song online

Austrian melodic Black Metal veterans Dornenreich will be releasing their next full-length album, which is titled "Du wilde Liebe sei", on the 11th of June through Prophecy Productions. While we wait, the band's label has made the track "Dein knöchern' Kosen" (trans. "Thy Skeletal Caress") available for streaming online in the form of a lyric video, which you can watch below:

The band had this to say regarding the new video:

In this case, these aspects manifest in the shape of a pulsating, eerie tale about physicality and interhuman attraction. It was ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on 27th May, 2021 @ 10:29 UTCBy Imperator on 27-05-2021 @ 10:29 UTC

Svneatr streaming their upcoming album in full

Canadian Black Metal band Svneatr will be releasing their second full-length album tomorrow, which is titled "Chinook", and to mark the occasion the entire album is already being streamed online in its entirety, hosted exclusively by Invisible Oranges. You can head on over there via the link below to check it out:

Last week the band already uploaded music videos for the first two tracks on the album, "The Wind Stirs" and "The Consequence of Fear":

The complete tracklist for "Chinook" is ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on 26th May, 2021 @ 00:26 UTCBy Imperator on 26-05-2021 @ 00:26 UTC

Stormruler to play virtual live show on 28th of May

U.S. black metal duo Stormruler are scheduled to release their debut full-length album, titled "Under the Burning Eclipse", on the 28th of May. To celebrate the occasion, they are playing a free virtual concert live on the same day, which will also mark their first ever live performance of any kind.

The gig will be hosted through the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel, and goes live at 12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT / 21:00 CEST this Friday, the 28th of May, at the link below:

The band had this to say on their Facebook page regarding the event:

“We’re incredibly ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on 25th May, 2021 @ 13:01 UTCBy Imperator on 25-05-2021 @ 13:01 UTC

New Whoredom Rife track streaming online

Norwegian black metal duo Whoredom Rife are due to release their third full-length album, titled "Winds of Wrath", at some point later this year through Terratur Possessions. Leading up to the release, the band has made the track "The Curse of the Moon" available for streaming through the label's YouTube channel:

Whoredom Rife was formed in Trondheim, Norway, in 2014, and have since released 2 full-lengths and 3 EPs, as well as a split album with fellow Norwegians Taake that was released last year. Not much else is known about the new album yet, but hopefully more ... [»]

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