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Warblackmetal666's latest album reviews
Latest album reviews

4.8 star rating 96%
Review for Kanonenfieber - MenschenmühleReviews » Kanonenfieber - Menschenmühle (2)
Reviewed on 15th September, 2021 @ 01:05 UTC

2021 have been, despite the covid who canceled all shows, a great year for black metal in ...

4.7 star rating 94%
Review for M8L8TH / М8Л8ТХ - ReconquistaReviews » M8L8TH / М8Л8ТХ - Reconquista (0)
Reviewed on 14th September, 2021 @ 00:31 UTC

To begin this review need to say something before. M8L8TH is not a normal band as you ...

3.5 star rating 70%
Review for Baptism - V: The Devil's FireReviews » Baptism - V: The Devil's Fire (1)
Reviewed on 4th August, 2021 @ 00:20 UTC

An album that has a really strong start, but a pretty disappointing end. The first time I ...

4.8 star rating 95%
Review for Akitsa - Sang NordiqueReviews » Akitsa - Sang Nordique (0)
Reviewed on 2nd August, 2021 @ 01:04 UTC

Akitsa is for me, clearly the greatest Raw Black Metal band from Québec, and ...

4.4 star rating 88%
Review for Balrog (BLR) - On the Throne of DemolitionReviews » Balrog (BLR) - On the Throne of Demolition (0)
Reviewed on 10th July, 2021 @ 00:25 UTC

Despite the fact that the Belarusian Black Metal scene is really underground, they still ...

Warblackmetal666's latest news & forum posts
Latest news & forum posts

The band has just finished the recording process of what will be their seventh full-length album.
News » Dark Funeral announce upcoming album in the works (0)
Posted on 19th September, 2021 @ 15:53 UTC

The legendary Swedish Black Metal band Dark Funeral revealed that they have ...

The American raw black metal band released their new album, titled "Submission and Slavery", 5 hour ago.
News » New Lamp of Murmuur album out now and streaming online (0)
Posted on 16th September, 2021 @ 21:19 UTC

American raw Black Metal legends Lamp of Murmuur just released their new album, ...

The band just released "Gegrepen Door de Geest der Zielsontluiking", marking their sixth full-length album.
News » Fluisteraars release a new album (0)
Posted on 27th August, 2021 @ 16:45 UTC

Dutch Black Metal band Fluisteraars just announced that their sixth album has ...

The American band just dropped the second excerpt to be revealed from their upcoming album.
News » Lamp of Murmuur drop a new excerpt from their next album (0)
Posted on 27th August, 2021 @ 14:29 UTC

American Raw Black Metal band Lamp of Murmuur posted the second excerpt from ...

Forum » Music / General » The weirdest band history you heard (5)
Posted on 18th August, 2021 @ 00:26 UTC

A lot of band in music in general have really weird history, and even if we ...

Warblackmetal666's latest comments
Latest comments

Forum » Music / General » The weirdest band history you heard (5)
Posted on 20th August, 2021 @ 00:09 UTC - 0 replies

Yeah, and there is also the famous story of Silencer that is a pretty fuck top one from the ...

Forum » Music / General » The weirdest band history you heard (5)
Posted on 20th August, 2021 @ 00:04 UTC - 1 reply

GG Allin is in fact a really good one too haha, and yeah Devil Doll is sooo much underrated. But in ...

Forum » Black Metal » Once in a Lifetife i, ... (5)
Posted on 23rd July, 2021 @ 18:21 UTC - 1 reply

The best memory i have of a gig is the last Slayer gig in Canada. Even if it's not an old memory, ...

Forum » Music / General » Who are your favourite drummers? (8)
Posted on 5th July, 2021 @ 00:20 UTC - 1 reply

Good question, i will personally say Inferno from Behemoth. If you listen at the album demigod and ...

Forum » Black Metal » A rare and interesting Black Metal Documentary from Belgium (1998) (6)
Posted on 14th June, 2021 @ 21:59 UTC - 0 replies

In my opinion, Cold Black Suns is THE best enthroned album. Completely different to the early ...

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