Taarma - Nuclear Jihad
1.Summoning the Hopelessness
2.Nuclear Jihad
3.Paleness Casts a Grievous Affliction
4.Descending into Lightless Depths
5.Entering Your Nightmares
6.Her Ghost Under the Cold Moon - Part I
7.Dawn of Utter Sadness
8.Suffering a Sickening Death (Rehearsal)
9.Cold Void of Silence
10.As the Night Becomes a Funeral
11.A Tragic Journey Towards the End
Length: 1:18:20

Nuclear Jihad

Not rated

Length: 1:18:20

  1. Summoning the Hopelessness
  2. Nuclear Jihad
  3. Paleness Casts a Grievous Affliction
  4. Descending into Lightless Depths
  5. Entering Your Nightmares
  6. Her Ghost Under the Cold Moon - Part I
  7. Dawn of Utter Sadness
  8. Suffering a Sickening Death (Rehearsal)
  9. Cold Void of Silence
  10. As the Night Becomes a Funeral
  11. A Tragic Journey Towards the End

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'Nuclear Jihad'

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Great band great release

Vor 2 Tagen erhielt ich 2014 Release Nuclear Jihad haben Taarma schließlich eine extreme Höhe in ihren dunklen Kunst erreicht, das ist eine 75 Minuten plus Juwel, meine beiden Favoriten sind der 1. Spur "Kern Jihad", spiegelt die Hass und Ekel im Schatten Trauer nehmen Sie in einem Sturm des Hasses, während die Endung Teil führt Sie in einem langsamen tragische Schicksal Atmosphäre, 2. "Blässe wirft ein grievious Leiden" ist ein Meisterwerk der depressiven Black Metal Kunst, ich persönlich halte dies die beste Arbeit der Taarma bis diese Tag, Zufriedenheit, um zu sehen Taarma immer versuchen, ihre Kunst zur weiteren Perfektion verbessern, und es scheint, wie er änderte seine Aufnahmegeräte, weil der Sound stark verbessert im Vergleich zu den älteren Versionen.
Taarma von einem Ort mit nur Krieg und Zerstörung kommen, und sie eine große Aufgabe der Erfassung der Gemetzel und Verderben in der Atmosphäre ihrer dunklen Kunst zu tun, ist dieses Album ein 100/100 von mir!

Nothing short of admiration and surprise.
i have been intrigued since the first time i heard the source of the band but yet i was not expecting something of this magnitude.
in short all i can say is an album to remember something worth having in your ipod all the time.
Album starts with an ambient track that seems to dig the grave for the hate and torture ahead, the 2nd track Nuclear Jihad starts mid paced with raw guitaring and drums accompanied by hate filled vocals the track turns aggressive all of a sudden unleashing a barrage of storm filled screams and just when you have thought this is it the track dies down to a black doom type style an excellent track which is followed by "Paleness casts a grievous affliction" the track depressed the fuck out of me, i found this a very suicidal and eerie track just like the previous track its filled with darkness and the rhythm goes up and down, aggression and depravity combined as one i simply put this as one of my favorite tracks on the album, next comes Descending into lightless depths which is a mega track high paced drums angry sounding vocals that sounds like a ghost screaming right out of the speakers excellent double bass drumming on this track with raw guitars that sound perfect and inside all this distortion in the back ground you can hear lilith pale ghostly keys that in my opinion has become the trademark of Taarma's sound and when i heard this track i thought this is it it cant get better but then comes Entering your nightmare the title speaks for itself a track that starts where the previous one left it has a wall of distorted guitar layers that drown you within itself shrieking screams filled with torture accompanies it the track turns melancholic and very mournful half way with slow floating guitars and far off screams and growls again to be swept by a storm of revenge and disgust a great track.
i can write a much longer review only to come to the same conclusion an epic raw depressive suicide bm album

#4 By Black Circle (Archived) on
18th Jan, 2020 @ 05:17 UTC

This is the first time i am listening to this band and i must say it was a few dollars well spent on this album, i bought the cd version and honestly the reason was the album title which sounded quite controversial and intriguing.
taarma in my opinion is a very underrated band and the reason seems to be where it originates from but i personally think that's one of the great aspects of this band, i personally am a collector of rare underground material from obscure and unexpected locations and so far this has been the rarest find for me, what makes it great is its obscurity and the quality of art, it reminds me allot of Xasthur's early days and since the US outfit ended recording i had been searching for a similar sound/band and i can confidently claim that i have discovered TAARMA!
recommended for fans of depressive or suicide BM

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