Weakling - Dead as Dreams
1.Cut Their Grain and Place Fire Therein
2.Dead as Dreams
3.This Entire Fucking Battlefield
4.No One Can Be Called as a Man While He'll Die
5.Desasters in the Sun
Length: 1:16:09
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Dead as Dreams

  • Type: Full-length
  • Style: Black Metal
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  • Year: 2000
  • Country: United States
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90% 4.5 star rating
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Length: 1:16:09

  1. Cut Their Grain and Place Fire Therein
  2. Dead as Dreams
  3. This Entire Fucking Battlefield
  4. No One Can Be Called as a Man While He'll Die
  5. Desasters in the Sun

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'Weakling - Dead as Dreams'
'Dead as Dreams'

4.9 star rating 98%

The most important album in USBM

A murder of crows atop a pile of human skulls in the middle of a desolate desert landscape. An apocalyptic scene indeed. That is what you see when you open this album. Physically and metaphorically. Physically it's the artwork inside the cover, metaphorically it's how you feel listening to these songs. Five densely layered soundscapes of crushing black metal awesomeness!
Weakling formed in the late nineties when USBM was still much maligned around the world. Unfairly so in my opinion. We didn't have Mayhem, Darkthrone, Rotting Christ, or Dissection but the underground sound of Judas Iscariot, Grand Belial's Key, Absu, and Inquisition were enough to put the US on the BM map. And yes Inquisition is a US band. Weakling were a part of the California scene along with Ludicra, Leviathan, Crebain, and Xasthur. The bay area being home to many. It was in this scene they developed a sound that at the time was unique and unmatched. Their influence can't be overstated. Most bands kept the proven formula of short songs and simple production. Most bands weren't Weakling.
Dead As Dreams clocks in at an hour and sixteen minutes. The shortest song being opener Cut Their Grain and Place Fire Therein which is ten and a half minutes. But as soon as it starts the song grabs you by the throat and doesn't let up. Next song, the title track Dead As Dreams is over twenty minutes. It starts slower with building atmosphere allowing the listener to catch their breath and then takes you into a world of darkness with it's dense guitars and incredible drum work. Even at twenty minutes it never lags. This Entire Fucking Battlefield just crushes from start to finish. With keyboards used to excellent affect. No One Can Be Called As A Man While He'll Die is the most doom laden track here. The Asunder influence is obvious but still manages to sound uniquely theirs thanks to the excellent bass work of Sara Weiner. Closing out with Desasters In The Sun a more mellow funeral doom track which perfectly captures the intensity and mood of the rest of the album. A truly fantastic song.
It's hard to believe this album is over twenty years old now given it's influence can still be heard in new USBM band like False, Ceremonial Castings, Panopticon, and Falls Of Rauros. Dead As Dreams really needs to be heard repeatedly. Unfortunately this album is hard to find and quite expensive if you can. I hope the members of Weakling seriously consider a re-issue. Until then try and find it.

Review for 'Weakling - Dead as Dreams' by ScorchedEarth
by Lycanthropia.net ScorchedEarth on 29th January, 2023
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4.2 star rating 83%

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Review for 'Weakling - Dead as Dreams' by Imperator
Rated by Gibraltar Imperator in the Before-Time, in the Long-Long-Ago.
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Giving this album an 83 is just insulting. This is a very powerful, one of a kind moment in black metal; maybe whoever scored it didn't let it sink in...?

lol @ insulting, this album is rather over-rated, 83 seems quite appropriate and isn't even a bad score!

yeah I agree, this album is good, but generally hyped like everything else from USA... definitely recommended though.

I never had the impression that black metal from the US was hyped, at least not more than Norwegian, although I guess many tend to hype American black metal as a reaction to the Norwegian hype. However, if this particular album is hyped, it might be because Fenriz called it a masterpiece.

That said, this is definitely a black metal album like no other.

#5 By Count Sorceroth (Archived) on
27th Aug, 2014 @ 20:16 UTC

Hyping anything USA black metal? I'm from the USA and even black metal fans over here insult US bands just as much as Norway, Germany, and Greece does. Musically, this is almost a gem of an album. Period. It's littered with atmosphere and chaos around every corner (in the best way), and the riffs have a tremendous amount of thought behind them /m/ The only thing I would change is the vocals. I don't know what it is, but the vocals on this are not doing it for me.

Outstanding, dark, and unique. One of many "one-hit wonders" in the black metal world, and this is arguably the best

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